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Why You Need To Know Your Ayurvedic Body Type

What if your kitchen was your pharmacy. Imagine being so in tune with your body and nature, and transforming the relationship you have with food and even with other people. That’s just a little of what having an understanding of Ayurvedic body types can do.

About This Video

Jeffrey Armstrong, the founder of the Vedic Academy of Sciences and Arts, shares the importance of connecting to nature. Through the teaching of Ayurveda, he describes how we mistake our body type with who we are.

The body types of Ayurveda show us what kinds of tendencies we have, and gives us a paradigm to understand our tendencies. You’ll see how you are not your body type or your vehicle. Mind-body link.

Jeffery Armstrong shares a brief introduction to the science and lifestyle of Ayurveda. Through this, you will know, there’s nothing wrong with you. All there is are imbalances that need to be balanced and supported.

Know your nature, and nurture your nature, through teaching that everyone can learn.


Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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