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What Is The Heart Expansion Experience?

We’re moving from an energetic path of conditional love, to one of unconditional love. More and more people are experiencing this “Heart Expansion”. So, what is this experience, and what can you expect, as this channel of grace starts opening up?

In this video, energy healer, teacher, and author Wendy De Rosa explains the Heart Expansion Experience, and shares the experiences that can come up during a Heart Expansion.


How Energy Moves Through Your Heart

Wendy explains how the energetic heart operates, and how that effects your heart expansion.
You’ll discover that the backside of the heart is where we connect to spirit and it’s where we connect to our higher self. While the front side of our heart is how we connect in the world with other people.
These pathways of love, of energy, are what create our different experiences of the world. Whether those feel empowering and loving, or not, can tell you how your energetic heart is connecting with the world. Discover what may, or may not be causing all the different experiences – and how it might be blocked, how it might flow better.

The Signs You’re Having A Heart Expansion

As the flow of divine light opens up and activates your spirit, you could experience a myriad of experiences.

Since heart expansion is an invitation to tune to your higher calling, you could be experiencing this feeling that there’s something you’re supposed to be doing in this world, but you’re not sure what it is yet.

This, and other experiences Wendy talks about in the video, can indicate that you are going through a heart expansion experience. This can be quite challenging, so we hope this video can enlighten you to what you’re going through, so you know that you’re not alone.


The more we connect to truth, and to light, the more we are illuminating our true consciousness.

Are you going through, or have gone through a heart expansion experience? Leave a comment and share your journey, as we support each other in our spiritual growth.❤️

Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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