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What Is Reiki And The Powerful New Reiki Technique

What if you could tune into a divine healing energy that was always working for your higher good? Join Reiki Master Brett Bevell as he explains how reiki healing works, and a powerful new reiki tool he discovered to supercharge and amplify what reiki can do.

What Is Reiki And How Can It Create Powerful Changes In Your Life?

So how does reiki really work? How does a reiki practitioner get initiated, and what is the process of channeling this reiki energy? These are some of the questions Brett answers as he explains reiki and the history of reiki. Through his story and the stories of students and friends, you will get a sense of how this powerful and intelligent energy can make a positive impact in your life.

What You Feel During Reiki Isn’t Important And Here’s Why

So you have a reiki session, or you start practicing reiki. And perhaps you feel some sensations, or have a profound sense of the energy. But what if you don’t feel anything at all. Brett discusses the different experiences people have with reiki, and how that ultimately doesn’t matter. You’ll see how becoming conscious of how you feel after your reiki session is way more important. Plus, Brett also shares how one of his students became a more powerful practitioner because he couldn’t feel the energy.

Reiki Crystal: What Is The Origin Of This Powerful New Reiki Technique?

Reiki Master Brett Bevell introduces what he calls the Reiki Crystal. How a powerful spiritual encounter with the founder of reiki gave him a new form of reiki. A blessing that resulted in many downloads and new reiki symbols. This new reiki goes beyond hand positions and symbols, and can create more powerful flows of reiki energy.

Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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