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Three Profound Spiritual Insights That Place You On A Path to Awakening

Kensho vs Satori, Intention vs Inspiration, Traditional Education vs Whole Human Education.

Several legendary minds make a guest appearance in this short video and share three powerful insights that will challenge your view of the “usual” way of living.

Here’s what you can expect in this 25-minute video:

[1:34] – Why “waking up” NOW is so vital to every human being on the planet.

[2:15] – The missing (spiritual) piece in our education system, as told by American most-cited philosopher — Ken Wilber.

[6:15] – Why “waking up” is the ultimate pain reduction mechanism.

[6:45] – The “kensho” and the “satori” way of awakening, told by Rev. Michael Beckwith, the Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center.

[13:30] – How taking the conventional path in life pulls you away from truly waking up.

[14:10] – The difference between “means” goals and “end” goals, and which one of those helps us achieve true happiness.

[15.10] – The difference between intention and inspiration, told by Joe Vitale from the movie The Secret.

[19.05] – Celebrity host Asha Gill’s moment of spiritual insight that changed the course of her life.

[20:55] – Emily Fletcher, Founder of Ziva Meditation on why it’s so important to listen when you’re hit by a sudden burst of inspiration.

[21:15] – An important lesson and a fascinating story on Michael Jackson’s moments of inspiration.

[25:00] – How you can join us on the path to waking up — and what happens next.

Have you experienced or learned anything in your life that shifted you towards spiritual understanding? Share it with us in the comments below.

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