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How To Find The Light Within Your Pain

If you consider yourself a spiritual person, what do you do when you experience emotional distress?
Sometimes, we unconsciously believe that following our spiritual path is always supposed to feel uplifting.

In this video, Gelong Thubten, the world-renowned Buddhist teacher of mindfulness, shares his insights into how our emotional discomfort and pain can create transformation.


There is a danger in striving to always feel good. Gelong Thubten shares how always wanting to feel good can lead to grasping for those feelings. Becoming focused on the lack of the feelings we want, while creating an addiction to the high of pleasant emotions.

Yet if we’re really looking for spiritual growth and transformation, then feeling good at the expense of ignoring the unpleasant and painful will hold us back. The more we can accept the difficulties that come up, the more transformation can really takes place.

Through is own personal experience, Gelong explains these concepts. With grace and wisdom, he shows us how we move from stress to happiness.

He reminds us that the deeper place within ourselves is filled with love and compassion. That this is our natural state, the truest aspect of our mind. Bringing that truth to the pain, and turning that pain into transformation.


What’s your story of transforming discomfort? Let’s share and support each other on our journeys, leave us a comment. <3

Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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