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The Power of Tapping Into The Collective Consciousness

Our reality is made up, mostly, from our general understanding of the world around us. This is what we mean by “collective consciousness”. Things that we are all aware of on some level. 

One person perceives things in a certain way passes on their opinions of the knowledge based on their perception. These perceptions then shape other people and dictates the way they participate in life, which in turn, creates the entire function of the world.

In this way, humankind is connected and, essentially, ‘One.’

Anything and everything that is ever learned, shared, or experienced is a part of the collective consciousness.

It’s like the internet

Just like learning something in a video online, anyone can look up how to do just about anything from the collective consciousness.

There is a universal pool of understanding and knowledge that has been collected and used by people since the dawn of time.

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New and old experiences, lessons, and important information are all constantly passed on from person to person through the collective consciousness. Humans have developed a set way of thinking about and perceiving incoming information that is created by all of these collected experiences, and it also becomes the learned way of viewing the world.

What kind of information can be found in this ominous pool of knowledge you may ask?

  • How the world works, and how to successfully live in it
  • What sort of behavior is appropriate and when
  • How to do population sustaining things like eating, sleeping, and creating and caring for children
  • Knowing that the world is round, water is wet, and fire burns
  • What kind of foods to eat and how they affect your body
  • How to do your job, and everyone else’s
  • Social customs, norms, and expectations in different parts of the world
  • Understanding the philosophy of life and purpose
  • The events of past generations and their impacts on the current world

You too contribute to this vast collection of knowledge

When you learn a hard lesson, something happens — you learn from it, and your knowledge is added to the collective consciousness of the world.

When you tell a story, you are passing on your learned knowledge on to other people.

People around you learn from your actions and observe the way you carry and present yourself in different situations.

Unknowingly, people around you will mirror and learn from you.

Each experience changes you subtly, and the person you evolve into is someone who has even more knowledge to pass on.

No matter how “small” your actions…

It may sound somewhat extreme that even your smallest and most private lessons could have such a significant impact, but it’s actually quite realistic.

Social norms, general expectations of how people should act and what life should be like, and even your intuition all derive from this same universal collection of seemingly small stories and experiences. Each person perceives all these things in their own light, but in a unique but powerful way it leave its influence on their life.


The things you take as truths are lessons and shared knowledge passed down by previous generations.

Here’s how you have been affected by the collective consciousness:

  • You’ve read the words of others and learned about all kinds of things you’ve never actually experienced directly.
  • You’ve been exposed to other peoples’ views on TV or social media it has influenced your view of the world.
  • You’ve watched other peoples’ behavior and created expectations about what should and shouldn’t be done.
  • When you see people feeling strong emotions you tend to empathize, which  causes you to experience some of those strong feelings for yourself.
  • You’ve learned to do something from someone who learned from others’ attempts.

This learning cycle is the evolution of all pre-existing and existing knowledge and the reason why humans were able to grow in numbers and learn at such an incredible rate.

This is the reason that a single thought or intention can eventually change the world. When one person has an idea, and shares it with two people, who then also share it with two more people — something that was once small or even hypothetical, can grow and take the form of a greater movement.

Closing thoughts

When you look back on the direction your life has taken, do you consider the footprint you are leaving behind?

Your thoughts and actions have a significant impact on much more than just your own life.

The way you perceive your reality and the things you are constantly learning create their own wave of impact, and what you need to understand is, you have the innate power to think and do good.

You are both a contributor and a collector of the world’s knowledge.

As you continue to contribute to the collective consciousness around you, be aware what that means, and only put in what you know is going to be the best thing for everyone, not just yourself.

If you want to learn more about tapping into the collective consciousness and how to create a more conscious planet, click here to learn more about Soulvana Circle, our community dedicated to spiritual evolution >> 

Alana Ciera

Alana Ciera

Alana Ciera is Madly in Life. She studied Positive Psychology and yoga in Denver Colorado, but recently has moved to Thailand and is working to progress her spiritual evolution and understanding of people and of the world. Her passion for writing is dedicated to helping others find inspiration, peace, and love for themselves.

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