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Manifesting Financial Abundance with Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer, an Arcturian soul, multi-millionaire entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist, and author, helps you manifest financial abundance by recoding yourself energetically at the deepest level.

This session is designed and engineered to help you to recode yourself energetically at the deepest level with the energy of financial abundance, wealth and prosperity.

With the help of Regan’s advanced energy work, light language and star codes, you will receive the required energetic upgrades that will also help you clear, dissolve and free yourself from any energy of lack, old money patterns, limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings about money that might be preventing you from living a life of wealth and financial prosperity.

This group immersion is infused with stunning sound effects and amplified with gentle sound therapy of Solfeggio frequencies. We will also be sending love, light, healings and positive intentions to the rest of humanity and beyond.

‘Manifesting Financial Abundance’ Group Immersion with Regan Hillyer has been the most viewed in May 2019! (Check Soulvana Top 10 Most Viewed Group Immersions of May 2019 here)

You can experience the magic of Regan Hiller by joining her on Soulvana App.

Irina Yugay

Irina Yugay

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