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“I Saw Energy Ripples Over The Mountains…”

Hundreds of people from across the globe united in a transformational journey in the Live Group Immersion with Reiki Master & Energy Alchemist, Brett Bevell to unleash vibrations of opulence & abundance. Many experienced immense vibrations as the they worked together in creating an energy field to bring prosperity & transmute energies of lack.

Here is what they experienced during the Live Group Immersion with Brett Bevell:

 “#9… Tears of gratitude for fulfilling my purpose and keep helping children & the planet to raise its consciousness to reach balance and peace. Thank you”

“I felt my body emanating with energy…many issues with people in my life popped up”

“Extreme sense of peace. I felt a pain in my back and recognised my body holding on to guilt. I felt it all release by the end. The pain is all gone. Thank you and Namaste”

“So much power … it drew my cat to my lap a place where she never comes willingly”

“I’m still tingling from the experience. I feel deep peace and love. I feel very connected to my higher power”

“I love the feeling of connecting with everyone from all over the world. So Beautiful!!”

“It was an exhilarating experience I saw the energy ripples over the mountains and thats how I witnessed the sensitivity. I felt tingling on my feet and experienced light”

“I felt tingling. I felt bliss. I felt strong connection with everybody. Then, I felt merged with all beings of the Earth. I will connect with Universe next time when doing this meditation. Thank you!”

“I felt a pulsing heart beat that was so beautiful and an amazing crystal grid. So filled with light. Thanks to everyone”

“The most powerful moment for me was sending Reiki treatment #9 to everyone participating in this. I loved connecting with you all. Thank you”

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Shangkharee Nadarajan

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