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HUMILITY. Poem By A Soulvana Member



To make an effort or not

That is the question

I know the answer not.

From birth, survival craved effort

Life called for effort

At Re-birth bliss craved surrender

Alas life now called for no effort

No effort is like death

Effort itself is like death

To hold on and die

Or to let go and still die

I know the answer not.

I know the answers not

I seek all, yet

I know naught

Ego knows naught.

Alas die I must

Die I must anyway

Let it be

Let all be

I surrender

In Humility.


Written by Soulvana member Bola Abimbola.

Bola Abimbola MBA is a writer, counsellor and advocate for women, children and persons with disabilities. She is a social change policy development consultant and a mother of two teenage sons. Founder of ERADA United Kingdom,  Foundation Board Member ARISE Nigerian Woman, Foundation Board Member Beyond The Book Foundation Nigeria.


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