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How To Use Your Intuition To Overcome Tragedy And Grief

Overcoming grief and tragedy is one of the most difficult things in life.

So many people go through experiences like the death of a loved one or child and think they will never be able to have true healing and happiness in life.

Tragedy and grief can leave you feeling lifeless, can rob you of your will to live. It can lead to terrible depression and anxiety.

The truth is there is hope — there is actually a good chance that you can come out on the other side with renewed spirit and a laser focus that will lead you to having a purpose-filled life.

It is widely known that if you focus your energies on using that grief for good, and really focus on what you want from life, you can do amazing things.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have turned their grief into moments of transformation. They know they can’t go back to the “old” life where it was “business as usual.” In essence, grief is a stark reminder that life is short, there is much to be done — there is now an urgency.

Grief can also be a catalyst that drives us to now live in a purposeful and fulfilling way. You know that old job that you hated that never made you happy? Or that friend that was so toxic she never made you feel worthwhile? After grief, we know we deserve more, and that we can and should have the best in life.

How can we get to that state of consciousness? It is through intuition.

Intuition can lead us to live a purpose-filled life, and the grief that was suffered is almost always a catalyst for finding that purpose. It also leads to momentum and laser focus.

Here are some pointers for using your intuition to live your best life ever — even after grief and tragedy:

Firstly, what is intuition?

Intuition is the inner wisdom that little voice that speaks to us. It is the quiet little voice that is hard to hear if you’re not used to listening – it speaks through dreams, or spontaneously as hunches or gut feelings, strong urges, physical sensations or memories. Intuition plays an especially important role in healing and in overcoming grief.

Clearing the clutter from the mind is absolutely essential to hearing your intuitive voice

By “clutter” I mean all the worry and the grief, the chores to be done, thinking about mundane things that fill our existence on a daily basis. It really takes meditation and a state of expectancy to hear that voice. Clearing the clutter and waiting for that “line” to open up to hear those messages is absolutely critical. Its channeling our desires and trying to find that healing so we can be on the road to recovery. That intuition can lead you to greatness. It is said that your body will tell you when you are operating in state that you shouldn’t be in. You feel agitated, anxious. Listening to that intuition can be the key to unlocking true potential.

Clearing negative emotions and energy

Negative energy abounds during tragedy and grief. It’s all around you somehow.

There is self-doubt — what you “should have or could have done to prevent it.”

There is also lots of self-pity — “Why is this happening to me”?

There’s lots of blame too — “if the doctors had only done this…”

Grief and tragedy becomes the perfect case study on how to rid these emotions that are there in abundance, through no fault of your own. But is this even possible?

Yes it is. Try to always think positively. Listen to your intuition.

Did you always have that hobby but never pursued it? What are some of the things you always wanted to try but never got a chance to?

Your intuition can lead you to live the life you’ve always wanted — even after grief and separation.

Living the life you really want

I know it’s hard to think that so much positivity can come from a negative experience. We can let change be for the good or it can be for the bad. If we use it for good we can achieve great things.

Suppose I were to tell you that if you never went though tragedy and grief you would probably never live your best life ever — or never have fulfilled your purpose in life?

Grief and tragedy literally shocks us to our senses. We begin to ask ourselves was I really living like this? Doing these mundane things that really never made me happy?

Grief provides that opportunity to really turn those things around. It also makes you want to be a better person — you may want to change the world!

How many cases have you heard of widows and widowers starting a foundation after their spouse’s death? There are tonnes of examples. How many other cases have you heard about of them suddenly starting new passion?

Think of your situation of tragedy and grief as an opportunity or even a “gift.” I know its hard to do, but intuition combined with a catalyst and urgency for change can lead to true transformation.


Keisha Blair is the co-founder of Aspire Canada.




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Keisha Blair

Keisher Blair is the co-founder of Aspire Canada.

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