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How To Make Decisions From Your Divinity

We are divine beings, yet we don’t always experience ourselves as such.

In this video, Neale Donald Walsch discusses the nature of who we are, why we’re here, and how we can use that to more consciously guide our everyday decisions.

This Is Who You Are

“Who am I?” This is the question we all ask in some way or another during our lives. Neale answers this question here. How all of us are an expression of divinity or source or whichever term you identify with.

Neale also explains how we all have the same life purpose that simply expresses itself in different ways. Once you understand this, you will have a crystal clear roadmap for how to make choices in your life.


The Most Important Guidance For Decision Making

At this point we have a concept of who we are and what it means to be connected to divinity. Yet that doesn’t mean that it has become part of our experience yet. That movement from conceptual information to experiential wisdom is what we’re all here for.

Neale explains this through the spot on metaphor of human development. You’ll see how this understanding of why we’re all here leads to a simple guiding question you can use in every area of your life. 


How To Experience Your Divine Nature More Often

Neale talks about how we’ve all had an experience of our divine nature, and a type of situation that bring out that experience. He encourages us to ask ourselves what our experience looks like and feels like. something you can recognise.

When we better understand our states of being, we can more easily step into it.


Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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