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How To Get Started Creating Sacred Space For Yourself

Have you ever found yourself feeling stressed and flustered, feeling like you don’t have any space to rest and recuperate your energy. It’s easy to fall into the chaos of life without carving out the space we need to fill ourselves.

Jill Angelo reminds us of the obvious yet powerful practices and tools we can use to create sacred space for ourselves.

About This Video

Do you have the space for self care? From the literal physical space, to the mental and emotional space. This reminds us that we need to take a step away sometimes to clear our minds.

The difference simple practices and self care can make. The obvious things that we tend to forget or not make time for. Simple things, like what we wear to sleep and getting enough rest every night.

This is an invitation to examine the habits and rituals in our lives. What are they doing for us? What are they not doing for us? Perhaps the habits and rituals we have in our lives are actually serving others first. Our spouse, or children, parents, other family and friends, even pets. Perhaps we’re giving too much of our energy away without giving back to ourselves first.

Give yourself the gift of your own sacred space. How are you going to practice self care today?

Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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