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How To Deal With The Difficult Emotions In Life

When difficult emotions come up, it’s natural to want to move away from those emotions. But what if that rejection of those emotions was the very thing that made them difficult to experience.

About This Video

Have you ever felt stressed, and then felt unhappy about experiencing that unhappiness? Feeling as though, as a spiritual person, you should be different.

In this video, Gelong Thubten explains how discomfort is the doorway to greatest grown. He shows how all your experience is valuable for becoming an integrated person, so you can use every experience for growth.

Gelong gives us ways to integrate the unpleasant and difficult emotions. To drop the storyline around them and relate directly to the feeling. This is a simple and integrated practice that you can do while you’re working and going about your day.

Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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