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How To Deal With Death By Understanding The Soul

What is the agenda of the soul, and can we change it?
Neale Donald Walsch answers the questions of a woman who has recently lost her father, and helps her come to terms with that sense of loss.
The grief that comes when a loved one has passed can be painful, especially for those who want them to have stayed.
Neale helps us come to term with our sense of loss by explaining how the soul’s nature means that people always pass away at the time that is right for them.

The Soul’s Agenda

Does the soul incarnate with an agenda already preset? Neale answers yes. There’s a caveat though, the soul’s agenda isn’t like the kinds of agendas we come up with as humans. Neale explains how everyone has the same soul agenda,

“To announce and declare
express and fulfil
become and experience
who you really are.”

This agenda isn’t one that requires us to have a specific career, do a specific activity, or take on any specific project.

We are always free to choose and change the events of our lives, however consciously or unconsciously chosen they may be.

The Choice To Pass Away

So then, how do we reconcile the death in our lives. No matter who you are, you’ve experienced the passing of a beloved. So then if we have the choice to direct the events of our lives, why do these people pass away? Why don’t they choose to stay?

This is the second part of the question, and Neale explains how no being can die against their will. There is a superconscious choice that happens when we choose to leave. Everyone chooses when to die from a more than conscious level.

Neale also explains how to say goodbye to a loved one who is passing away. For your own peace of mind, for their peace of mind, and to aid in the grieving process.


Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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