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7 Tips For Experiencing Higher Consciousness In The “Information Age”

There is a real downside to living in the “information age”.

When everything at our fingertips is competing for our attention, it’s no surprise so many of us feel overwhelmed and over-stimulated.

There’s just TOO much going on!

It can be almost impossible to create the time to understand yourself as an individual, expand your sense of wonder and mental capacity for thought.

The trick is, if you can learn how to master the vast world of information that already exists inside your head, you can reach a level of understanding that far surpasses anything you have experienced before.

What is consciousness and why are there different levels?

Simple tasks like driving, doing the laundry, or cooking and eating, can often be done without much extensive thought because we have been doing the same thing for so long and so frequently that we no longer have to concentrate. This also allows us to multi-task and think about or perform other tasks simultaneously.

This lower state of consciousness can actually be very rewarding when it comes to the less introspective types of daily activities that don’t require much brainpower because it becomes possible to achieve much more with less energy.

Higher consciousness comes in handy when the time comes to expand our thinking. Dealing with issues that require critical thinking, deep analysis, and consideration require more concentrated and deliberate thought.

You’ve probably already experienced higher consciousness

Something that seems insignificant on the surface level, like noticing the beauty of a flower, can actually feel incredibly profound.

Moments like these create a gap in your stream of thoughts, and for that split second, you become “lost in the moment”.shutterstock_341461874

The question is — do you experience this shift in consciousness simply because the flower is pretty… or is this state of awe actually a representation of your true nature and higher-self?

Your ability to notice and appreciate the small details of life reflects your level of mindfulness and tendency to reflect.

This level of deep thought and discovery is how you begin to develop your mental understanding and edge closer to sense of enlightenment or waking up.

Here are 7 things that will help you practice getting into a state of higher consciousness:

1. Always Ask Questions

When you have a sense of curiosity and wonder about how things came to be, your mind will explore new ways of thinking in order to try and explain. A higher level of thinking and understanding enhances your overall consciousness and awareness of your reality.shutterstock_331559813

Never be afraid to challenge an answer or seek more information.

2. Remember To Forgive And Understand

Part of ascending to a higher level of consciousness is letting go of pain and regret. When you harbor negative energy, it consumes so much of your mental capacity and impairs your ability to see things objectively.

This negative energy affects you physically, spiritually and mentally, and you are the only one who suffers. When you let it go, you open up the opportunity to heal and allow yourself to move past the painful experience.

3. Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Remember that an important part of the human experience is being flawed and making mistakes.shutterstock_309598685

So before making a snap judgment about someone’s actions, remind yourself that you don’t know their story or what they’re thinking.

Everyone has their own reasons for behaving the way they do and it can be difficult to understand what made them this way from the outside.

4. Consider the world as ‘one’.

Holding on to the idea that you are an individual that is separate from everyone else can severely limit you.

When you identify as something specific, you eliminate the opportunity to be a part of or become anything else.

If you accept the idea that we are all pieces from the same creation of life, you can feel connected and somewhat responsible for contributing to the overall good.

5. Remember The Primitive Side Of Humankind

Since the dawn of time, humans learned what they needed to do to survive, to care for their own, and evolve the skills that allow them to live more efficiently.

While we have come a long way from our primitive ancestors, there are still a vast number of underlying traits that make us human that often dictate many of our behaviors and patterns of life.

When you feel you’re on the receiving end of someone’s actions, try to honor this most ancient, instinctual, and primitive side.

6. Notice Your Instincts

Are you in fight or flight mode? If your gut is trying to make you run from something instead of dealing with it head on, it may be a sign that you should be pursuing things differently or should decide on a new path. Sometimes you know the answer but because you are trying to rationalize your decisions, you remain ignorant to your internal consciousness.

Sometimes you know the answer but because you are trying to rationalize your decisions, you remain ignorant to your internal consciousness.

7. Take A Moment To Review Your Life For Signs

It’s easy to miss the little signs the universe is sending you because you’re focused on working hard with your head down.

Think about what kinds of things are getting in your way and creating obstacles for you. Is there a simpler way you could try that might make things easier on yourself?

Sometimes it takes a little while to really understand the meaning of small details and what they represent in your journey. Think about the advice people have given you and try to relate it to you life in a new way.

So much value can come from a simple change in perspective.

Closing thoughts

Reaching a higher level of consciousness needs to be an intentional journey.

When you make the decision to broaden your overall knowledge and perspective, you choose to participate in deeper levels of analyzation and consideration.

Each person perceives things based on their own opinions and experiences, and there is much that can be learned from considering alternative viewpoints.

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Alana Ciera

Alana Ciera

Alana Ciera is Madly in Life. She studied Positive Psychology and yoga in Denver Colorado, but recently has moved to Thailand and is working to progress her spiritual evolution and understanding of people and of the world. Her passion for writing is dedicated to helping others find inspiration, peace, and love for themselves.

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