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Experience Powerful Group Energy Healing Session With Master Healer Ariya Lorenz

This video is an excerpt from one of the latest Soulvana Immersions with master healer Ariya Lorenz.

Soulvana Immersions are unique and transformational group energy healing sessions lead by the best spiritual teachers and guides on the planet.

Hundreds of people come together to reconnect with their higher self, with their higher guides, the group, and entire humanity.

To amplify the healing impact for the group and each individual, each session is infused with high-vibrational Solfeggio sonic frequencies (the energy of sound) and sacred geometry (the energy of color).

Clear & Recharge Your Body’s Energy Systems For Vibrant Health & Emotional Well-Being

Click here to register, join & connect with hundreds of high-vibrational people on our next group energy healing session Recharging & Raising Your Energy.

Master healer Ariya Lorenz will help you clear and heal what’s not serving your highest good and refuel your body’s energy centers for vibrant health and emotional well-being.

We will also be sending love, light and healing energies to the rest of world and beyond.


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