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Are You An Empath? This Is What Happens In Your Energy Body

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed in crowds, or feeling drained after certain interaction or by being in certain environments? Chances are, you’re an empath.
Learn about the signs of an empath to see if they fit you + learn what exactly is going on with your energy as an empath.

In this video, energy healer, teacher, and author Wendy De Rosa explains the signs of an empath through her own experiences. She also explains how the energy body of an empath can tend to operate if you’re an over-sensitive empath.


What Is An Empaths And The Signs You Are One

Do you have unexplained thoughts, emotions, or even physical discomfort?

Wendy explains in this video, what the different signs and symptoms might mean you’re an empath. Once you understand these signs, you’ll know if you’re one of these highly sensitive and empathic people.

You might even discover that being overly sensitive has already had an impact in your life!


A Personal Story Of Divine Intervention

Wendy shares her experience with energetic overwhelm as an empath growing up. Watch how a life changing experience that involved a mysterious stranger who vanished without a trace, led Wendy down a whole new path.


As An Empath, What’s Happening To You Energetically

Here Wendy explains how it is we can develop an over sensitivity as empaths. You’ll discover what factors during childhood affect the development of the chakra system. How those developments affect the energy body.
You’ll understand why you’re connecting to and cording to the energy of others, and the one cord that you actually want to have for a health energy body.

Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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