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Experience Peace & Presence By Connecting With Your Humanness

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience the divine within? To have a consistent sensation of peace and presence no matter what happens to you?

In this video, Founder of Quantum Light Breath Richard Bockhis shares his approach to trigger this state of mind and tap fully into his humanness and emotional body to connect with the divine.

You can learn more about Richard’s holistic philosophy and breathwork approach in Soulvana Membership. He describes this approach as “a foundation for meditation, presence, self-realization, centering and grounding”. With this, we can resolve old traumas and habitual self-sabotage by ultimately clearing the misperceptions of who and what we are – to reveal what is true. Not as new ideas, but as direct experiences beyond thoughts, feelings and imaginations.

In this training, you will discover:

  1. Essence and why we need to “drop” into it.
  2. The simplicity of applying breathwork in the here and now to “drop into essence”.
  3. Bringing healing to ourselves through direct awareness of our body and our emotions.
  4. How being grounded in our body is integral to the spiritual journey of awakening.
  5. Guided breathwork meditations for “Dropping into Essence” anytime throughout your day, including Conscious Connected Breath (full body breath) and Quantum Light Breath.

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