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Learn How to Supercharge Your Healing Abilities Using the Reiki Crystal

You don’t have to know Reiki symbols or work your way through Master level courses to understand and apply this powerful healing technique. Discover how to use the Reiki Crystal to heal your mind, body and spirit.

Imagine being able to cure disease before it even has the chance to manifest; to bring about deep peace, stillness, and healing in yourself and others; to heal at the cellular, emotional, and even karmic levels — and to do so with ease.

That’s the healing power of the Reiki Crystal!

And unlike traditional Reiki, which requires intense trainings and levels of initiation, the Reiki Crystal is something anyone can use to heal themselves and others.

This powerful healing modality is readily available to anyone who wants to use it. Whether you’re a professional Reiki practitioner or you’ve never even had an energy healing, you can easily learn the Reiki Crystal technique and start benefiting from its power today.

You can access this full training and download powerful guided healing meditations in Brett Bevell’s Soulvana training Reiki Crystal of Awakening.

So, let’s talk about exactly what the Reiki Crystal is and the 4 tools that can be used with it. First, let’s take a look at where the Reiki Crystal came from.

The Origin of the Reiki Crystal

In 2007, author, energy healer, and Reiki Master Brett Bevell was in a small Indian restaurant in Luang Prabang, Laos when he felt a magnificent presence beside him. His inner knowing told him this presence was the spirit of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki.

Bevell then felt a beautiful ball of white light come from the spirit of Usui and into the area of his own heart chakra. This “ball of light” was what he eventually came to understand as the Reiki Crystal.

Today, Bevell uses this profound gift, the energy of this Reiki Crystal to heal himself and others — and a large piece of that is imparting the Reiki Crystal method to other people, so that they too may pass on the healing.

What is the Reiki Crystal?

Bevell describes the Reiki Crystal as an energetic crystal that sits in front of your heart chakra. It’s made from the divine light that is Reiki, and because the belief in Reiki is that the energy has its own intelligence, Bevell found himself “in psychic communication with [the] divine consciousness that is in [the] crystal.”

He discovered he could send Reiki treatments, or basically have the crystal send Reiki treatments, “as easily as a thought or whisper.”

The Reiki Crystal doesn’t even need you to revisit, or get to the root of, what in your past may need healing.

With its own divine intelligence, it knows exactly where to go and what to clear, even if you don’t.

Who Can Use The Reiki Crystal?

Reiki energy is available to anyone to use — anyone who chooses to go through the training and receive the attunement.

In traditional Reiki, you would need to understand Reiki symbols or work your way through Master level courses. But with the Reiki Crystal, you can bypass all of this.

By simply mentally or verbally speaking to this crystal, it will send energy wherever you want it to go. It also shapes that energy in ways that differs from traditional Reiki.

How can you use the Reiki Crystal to heal your own mind, body, and spirit?

Bevell is able to empower each person he trains with the energy of the Reiki Crystal, and because Reiki travels through time and space, this includes those watching an training online.

Once you’ve had the Reiki Crystal activated within, you can access the energy quite simply – through either your thoughts or your voice.

From there all you have to do is a small daily practice that can be as little as, or even less, than 10 minutes.

How to Practice Reiki Crystal Energy

Once you’ve received Reiki Crystal Energy, you’ll always be able to use it. Whenever and wherever you are, you can simply use your thoughts or voice to send the energy wherever you want.

Being able to have this on-call connection with such a powerful energy is an incredible gift to receive.

With this gift you can send healing energy to your brain, digestive, respiratory, musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. You can even send the energy to all your major glands and organ, every nerve and cell in your body – anywhere you need healing or intuitively perceive.

Once all these different aspects of your physical body are receiving Reiki, you can shift the focus to your energetic body and chakras to help release any psychic or energetic debris that isn’t serving your highest good.

Even more abstract healing is easy with the Reiki Crystal, where you can send healing energy and divine grace to your karmic body or simply the areas in your life that need healing – needs that you may not even be conscious of.

Healing from the microscopic or quantum level and expanding universally to all consciousness may seem like a lot of work to be done from just a gentle whisper or thought, but that’s the unimaginable power that the Reiki Crystal contains.

And this basic self-healing (as expansive as it is) is only the tip of the iceberg! There are other add-on pieces you can use to help deepen and intensify the power of the Reiki Crystal. These are the Reiki Portal, the Reiki Hologram, the Reiki Laser, and the Reiki Meditation.

The Reiki Portal

Even in traditional Reiki, there’s a symbol that’s used to send Reiki through time and space. With the Reiki Crystal, there’s a way to use that energetic portal to not only send Reiki through time and space, but to draw in healing energies from other areas of the universe and reality.

Your Reiki Crystal can be used to create Reiki Portals that will connect you to the Angelic Healing Realm; to Divine Healing, whatever that needs to be for you; or even perhaps to a specific type of energy that you connect with on this planet, that you’ve experienced in a place that felt particularly healing and energizing for you – you can connect to this place through a Reiki Portal as well.

The Reiki Hologram

Creating a Reiki Hologram is a way to shift the energetic signature of an organ or organ system toward a path of healing. Utilizing your Reiki Crystal while in a relaxed state, you can create a Reiki Hologram of one of your systems, organs, etc., functioning at the highest level of health and healing. The Reiki Crystal can then merge that hologram with your physical body, creating a layer of deeper healing.

The Reiki Laser

The Reiki Laser, known in Bevell’s earlier books as the Reiki Cord, is an intense beam of Reiki Light between any points in time and space. It can be used on a physical, emotional, or even karmic level.

The Reiki Laser is the perfect tool with which to heal through time. Just remember that its power is highly concentrated, so this particular tool should only be used for intervals of a few minutes.

The Reiki Meditation

Reiki Meditation is using the Reiki Crystal to affect different meditative states in your own healing. It should be used as a supplement to your basic self-healing practice to bring your healing to a deeper level.

The beauty of this tool is that it allows the Reiki Crystal to do all the work. All you have to do is invite it to bring you into a Reiki Meditation for deep stillness and inner peace, and as always, this is done with the ease of a thought or a whisper.

A Reiki Meditation might be used to experience self-love or Divine Love. It can even heal at the cellular level.

Think of a part of your body that may need healing — you can invite your Reiki Crystal to bring the cellular consciousness in that area of your body into a Reiki Meditation to express perfect health and vitality.

It can even clear or shift emotions and thoughts that are held in certain places in our body, those that could eventually bring about disease when left to simmer.

This is the power of the Reiki Crystal, which Bevell and Soulvana would like to share with you. You can learn this powerful Reiki technique without the need to go through the levels of initiation.

Simply sign up and join Soulvana and you’ll have instant access to Brett’s training Reiki Crystal of Awakening that comes with a lecture and powerful guided energy sessions, and more!

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