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Discover a Powerful & Dynamic Reiki Healing Technique with Brett Bevell

Reiki Master and best selling author, Brett Bevell teaches you a non-traditional Reiki technique that amps up Reiki healing power. Learn how you can use the Reiki Crystal to heal yourself and others.

Energy work is an ancient tradition, used for thousands of years by societies all around the globe to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit. But it has only recently been introduced into Western thought

Because of its undeniable power, it has soared in popularity, and energy work, like Reiki, has begun to form a stronghold in the mainstream media, as well as in the medical community.

Even celebrity Doctors, like Dr. Oz, have featured energy work on their programs as a way to maintain health and vitality. Reiki is beginning to be seen as therapy, like massage, and is even being used in some large hospitals.

While traditional Reiki can take up to 4 initiations to fully practice, Reiki Master and best selling author, Brett Bevell teaches a non-traditional Reiki technique that amps up Reiki healing power.

You can access his full training and and download his powerful guided healing meditations in his Soulvana training Reiki Crystal of Awakening.

In this article, you’re going to learn how you can use Bevell’s Reiki Crystal technique to heal yourself and others.

What is Traditional Reiki?

Traditional Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy work using a spiritually guided life force to perform various types of healing. A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.

It originated in 1922 in Japan, and has continued to grow in popularity there. The practice of Reiki has also grown rapidly throughout Western culture, and there are many Reiki Masters readily available for training and initiation.

Traditionally, the Reiki practice is passed on in 3 to 4 levels of initiation that gives the budding Reiki practitioner different levels of understanding and access to the divine energy to heal themselves and others.

During the different levels of initiation, the student learns to heal by opening up to the universal life force and divine energy through symbols that allow them to amplify healing. The initiation also grants people the ability to work on others remotely by projecting their energy.

This remote healing is available because Reiki’s divine energy is not subject to our understanding of the laws of space and time. Not only is the energy intuitive on its own, but it can also heal through time and at a distance.

The Origins of the Reiki Crystal

Brett Bevell is a Reiki Master who has been practicing Reiki and energy work for years. After a powerful personal life experience where he saw the need for the power of Reiki and energy work firsthand, he immediately began studying with a Reiki Master to receive his levels of initiation.

Brett spent many years healing both himself and others while searching for greater meaning and uses for Reiki and other forms of the healing arts. Eventually, he had a profound experience that led to a unique opportunity to learn about and receive the Reiki Crystal.

While going through a period of world travel and exploring spirituality and metaphysics through intensive meditations, Brett felt a new and powerful energy in the Reiki tradition settle into his heart chakra. It was a brilliant and powerful light, a crystal, that gave him the ability to amplify his own healing and pass the crystal’s energy onto others to enter into their heart chakra.

What is the Reiki Crystal Technique?

Some of the specific uses of the Reiki crystal are optimal wellness of your physical, mental and emotional bodies in the current time, clearing away old traumas, and clearing away karmic disturbances hindering your current life. This can be used on others too, both in person and remotely.

There are several revolutionary Reiki Crystal techniques including the Reiki Laser technique, the Reiki Portal technique, Reiki Meditations, and Reiki Holograms.

The Reiki Laser technique is used on specific organs and timelines within your life and the life of others to create a focused healing.

The Reiki Portal allows you to pull from the Divine energy into any body area and to also access the Angelic realms.

Reiki Meditations bring a deep meditation state that works at the cellular level to truly transform your mental and emotional states of being.

Reiki Holograms can project a healthy and pure hologram of an organ or body area on top of your current diseased or injured area in order to create a lasting shift in the energy back to wholeness and wellness.

Reiki Crystal Healing at a Distance

One of the best parts about using the Reiki Crystal is that you can heal others, even at a distance. Sometimes in order to assist your family and friends both physically, emotionally and mentally with healing, the ability to use remote or distant healing is important.

By using the Reiki Crystal, you’re able to move past space and time and to reach out and help someone across the world. By amplifying and calling on that Divine energy, you can rest in the intuition of the energy and send it out to family and friends knowing that the techniques you have learned can be passed to them in times of need.

Brett is providing you with an invaluable tool to either take your energy work to the next level or begin your exploration into healing and balance.

How to Learn the Reiki Crystal Technique

Traditionally, practitioners need to work through the initiation with a master in order to open up to the divine energy and progress through the levels, but Brett can pass on this special tool and enable you to use the Reiki Crystal and its divine energy.

By using the Reiki Crystal, you can harness the four techniques Brett teaches in his Soulvana training to practice Reiki on yourself and others without the necessity of the various levels of initiation.

Like with all things, once you receive the Crystal, practice and perseverance will be important to continuing to progress through the healing process and become better adapted at using it. But the crystal itself acts as the anchor from which all healing can be channeled from the divine.

Even without lots of practice, from the first time you receive the crystal, you’ll be able to start sending out this intuitive and divine energy to your own body. Brett will teach you how to use a meditation to access the healing powers of the crystal, so that you can let it into your life and utilize whenever you are ready.

You can learn this powerful Reiki technique without the need to go through the levels of initiation.

Simply sign up sign up and join Soulvana and you’ll have instant access to Brett’s training Reiki Crystal of Awakening that comes with lecture and powerful guided energy sessions, and more!

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