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4 Powerful Reiki Tools to Bring Dynamic Healing to Your Body & Spirit

Learn about the 4 Reiki tools you can start using today to bring energetic healing to yourself and others.

These 4 tools are part of the Reiki Crystal technique, which is a profoundly simple, yet powerful system that you can utilize for your own healing or the healing of others.

The Reiki Crystal technique paired with the 4 tools you’re going to learn about can bring health and vitality to every part of your life – from the microscopic level of your cells and DNA to the broadest reaches of your consciousness and spirit.

You can use the Reiki Crystal to heal yourself and others on a physical, spiritual, mental, quantum and even karmic level!

The four tools you’ll read about next are energetic “add-ons” to the Reiki Crystal, and they’ll enhance and deepen its capabilities and your healing experience – and they’re just as simple and easy to implement.

You can begin using these tools today to jump start your own energetic healing or your healing practice. You can access this full training and download powerful guided healing meditations in Brett Bevell’s Soulvana training Reiki Crystal of Awakening.

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of the 4 tools you can use with the Reiki Crystal and how each of them can be used to supercharge your energetic healing!

The Reiki Portal

Even in traditional Reiki, there’s a symbol that’s used to send Reiki through time and space. This is not commonly referred to as a portal, but in essence, that’s what it is.

With the Reiki Crystal, there’s a way to use that energetic portal to not only send Reiki through time and space, but to draw in healing energies from other areas of the universe and reality.

Once you learn the technique, you can use your Reiki Crystal to create a Reiki Portal 6 inches above your head that will connect you to the Angelic Healing Realm. You can also create a Reiki Portal near your spine to align yourself with Divine Healing, whatever that needs to be for you.

You might have a specific type of energy that you connect with on this planet, one that’s particularly healing for you — perhaps a power spot like the Vortexes of Sedona in Arizona. You can connect to these places and their energy through a Reiki Portal as well.

Each of these Reiki Portals can create a deeper layering of the healing process. They can be used in combination with the basic self-healing or as a stand-alone technique.

The Reiki Hologram

Creating a Reiki Hologram is a way to shift the energetic signature of an organ or organ system toward a path of healing.

This would involve asking your Reiki Crystal, while you’re in a relaxed state, to create a Reiki Hologram of one of your systems (e.g., your muscular system, or your digestive, skeletal, or respiratory system), or one of your organs, functioning at the highest level of health and healing — and then to merge that hologram with the place in your physical body, the particular system or organ, where that healing is needed.

This is generally used when a deeper healing is necessary.

This tool is also useful if you’re restless and can’t sleep — a Reiki Hologram may be created of your brain and nervous system in an alpha wave.

The Reiki Laser

The Reiki Laser is quick, direct, and powerful. It’s a concept referred to in Bevell’s earlier books as the Reiki Cord. A Reiki Laser is a highly concentrated beam of Reiki Light between any points in time and space.

It can be used on a physical, emotional, or even karmic level. As these sessions are generally intense, they should only be done for a few minutes at a time so as not to overwhelm yourself or the person you’re healing.

The Reiki Laser is the perfect tool with which to heal through time. You may have received an injury a week, a year, or even a decade ago. You can invite your Reiki Crystal to create a Reiki Laser through you from that point in time to the present.

Just remember with this particular tool to ask the Reiki Crystal to remove any Reiki Lasers that were created after a few minutes.

The Reiki Meditation

Reiki Meditation is using the Reiki Crystal to affect different meditative states in your own healing. It should be used as a supplement to your basic self-healing practice to bring your healing to a deeper level.

The beauty of this tool is that it allows the Reiki Crystal to do all the work once you’ve invited it to bring you into a Reiki Meditation for deep stillness and inner peace.

This might be used at the beginning or end of the basic self-healing, or anywhere within the practice where it feels appropriate.

It can also be used to bring you into a Reiki Meditation for self-love. Or it can be used to take you into a Reiki Meditation where you experience the deep love that the Divine has for you — to experience the exquisite beauty and fullness of that Divine Love.

The Reiki Crystal can also affect Reiki Meditations at the cellular level. Think of a part of your body that may be in need of healing — you can invite your Reiki Crystal to bring the cellular consciousness in that area of your body into a Reiki Meditation to express perfect health and vitality.

This is also important because disease often manifest from different emotions or thoughts that are held in certain places in your body — but you can use the Reiki Crystal to shift this consciousness.

Imagine healing disease, perhaps before it has even had a chance to manifest, through such a simple, gentle, and loving process.

And the Reiki Crystal does not even need us to revisit or get to the root of what in our past we may be holding onto – with its own divine intelligence, it knows exactly where to go and what to clear, even if we don’t.

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