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Are You Lying To Yourself? How To Tell A More Authentic Life Story

Why did you create the kind of life you’re living?
We’re all telling ourselves stories about life and about ourselves. Yet how many of those stories are actually serving us or even true?

In this video, bestselling author, speaker, and teacher Mark Matousek discusses personal awakening through self-inquiry. What happens when you tell the truth, the importance of authenticity, why working with your story is important, and how it can transform your life.

Does Your Story Control You?

If we stopped and looked at the stories that drive our decisions, would those stories be bringing us closer to who we truly are or not?

More often than not, our stories lead us down paths that we otherwise wouldn’t choose. These stories often come from our external environment. They are often from society, from friends, and from family. They don’t actually reflect who we are. Mark invites us to examine our stories from a place of self inquiry, really asking ourselves who we are and what our soul needs.

The Journey of Self Realisation

Have you ever felt a great sense of clarity and self realisation, only for it to fade? Has that clarity then turned into a frustrating sense of uncertainly and disconnection? It’s only natural for our feelings and sense of self to evolve.

Rather than seeking an unchanging answer to the questions of self realisation, Mark talks about the journey that is self realisation. He shares his own story of seeking to understand himself. How it’s more about living our own truth in each moment. When we’re true to who we are in the changing evolving now, we free ourselves from a need for a fixed answer.


Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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