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9 Group Immersions Airing Live On Soulvana App This October

It’s here!

Finally a resource to support and take your spiritual practice to the next level. We’ve been preparing powerful tools for healing, spiritual activation, ascension, manifestation, and more!

The revolutionary Soulvana app for iPhone and Android is now available on the App Stores.

What Are Group Immersions?

Group Immersions are transformational group meditations, healings, activations, ascensions, and manifestation sessions. You’ll be guided by the world’s best spiritual teachers, while joining thousands of evolved people participating live.

Each session is enhanced with an advanced multi-sensory technology that uses sound, color, energy, and sacred geometry.

These spiritual group experiences will take your meditation, energy work, spiritual practice, ascensions and life to a whole new level. All available at your fingertips through Soulvana app.


Wednesday, October 03

1) Manifesting Your Ideal Reality with Regan Hillyer

Start living a life of abundance. Amplify your manifestation powers to create your ideal reality in any area of your life.

Regan Hillyer, an Arcturian soul and multi 7-figure entrepreneur of several successful companies, helps you rewire your energetic architecture so you can start manifesting and creating a life of abundance on all levels: from finance & career to health & relationships.


Sunday, October 07

2) Recharging and Raising Your Energy with Ariya Lorenz

Clear, rejuvenate, refuel, and shield the body’s energy centers for optimal self-healing, vibrant health, and emotional well-being.

Ariya Lorenz is a highly sought-after master healer, trainer of healers, modern-day Amphitrite and the #1 highest rated Soulvana guide. Join her and clear, rejuvenate, refuel and shield your body’s energy centers for optimal self-healing, vibrant health, and emotional well-being.


Wednesday, October 10

3) Cultivating Inner Peace with Elena Bensonoff

Say goodbye to anxiety & phobias. Become a lighter, happier and calmer person.

Elena Bensonoff is an award-winning clinical pharmacist, spiritual health practitioner, and holistic healer.  Join her on a transformational journey to help you free yourself from excessive worry & negative thoughts about life circumstances, future uncertainties, and cultivate inner peace.


Sunday, October 14

4) Recharging Your Physical Body with Brett Bevell

Take your health, vitality and the well-being of your physical body to new heights.

Brett Bevell, Reiki master, and modern-day energy alchemist will take you on a rejuvenating journey to help you bring vibrant health, vitality, and well-being to the vessel of your soul — your physical body. Recharge your body with healing vibrations and shift any part of your body towards a path of self-healing.


Wednesday, October 17

5) Activating Your 12 Strand DNA with Juan Pablo Barahona

Awaken your highest potential and untapped superhuman abilities to accelerate your evolution and start thriving on all levels.

Juan Pablo Barahona, world’s leading shaman, alchemist, and ceremony facilitator, helps you activate the 10 ethereal strands of your DNA. Become more aware and reach the peak of your higher self, connect more easily with the divine, increase your self-confidence, and thrive on all levels of your being.


Sunday, October 21

6) Manifesting Through Feelings with Sarah Prout

Manifest your goals, dreams, wishes, and desires into your reality faster than you ever thought possible.

Sarah Prout is the world’s leading manifestation expert, co-founder of the Manifesting Academy and an award-winning entrepreneur. Join her as she helps you enter, experience and surrender to a state of flow. Create the space to allow for your desires to manifest into your reality in a simple, natural and effortless way.


Wednesday, October 24

7) Clearing Relationship Cords with Brett Bevell

Clear any relationship cords and dissolve any energetic attachments.

Brett Bevell, Reiki master since 1995 and modern-day wizard, helps you free yourself from any old damaging emotional energy that is preventing you from evolving and moving forward in the highest of ways. Release the past and all the ways it has energetically attached itself to you though harmful patterns, behaviors, and habits.


Sunday, October 28

8) Connecting With Your Higher Guides with Ariya Lorenz

Receive support, protection, healing, and guidance from your higher guides.

Ariya Lorenz is a highly sought-after master healer, trainer of healers, modern-day Amphitrite and the #1 highest rated Soulvana guide. Join her as she guides you to establish the purest connection with your higher guides so you can receive loving support, powerful protection, effective healing and intelligent guidance from your divine guardians from higher realms.


Wednesday, October 31

9) Accessing Your Higher Chakras with Deborah King

Open yourself to higher vibrations from beyond this plane.

Deborah King, a New York Times bestselling author, leading authority on energy medicine, and spiritual teacher, helps you access your chakras up to the 36th level. Open yourself to higher vibrations from beyond this plane and step into the next phase of your spiritual journey. Explore and release your personal history that is blocking your evolution, and receive valuable insights and new direction.


These are some of the Group Immersions coming your way, and it’s only for October! We’ll be bringing more and more Group Immersions to you over the coming months. With new author and titles, you’ll definitely want to check them out on Soulvana App for iPhone and Android.

Leave a comment and let us know, which Group Immersion are you most looking forward to?

Sidney Lander

Sidney Lander

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