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6 Steps To Channel Spirit On The Fly

Archangel Gabriel has been a champion for my work on this planet.

He actively started working with me, or at least started making his presence known to me, in mid to late 2014. When he is working with me or in my energy field, I feel a slight pressure in the middle of my chest that’s about four inches wide and feels like an expansion of energy funneling from the center outward.

The actual sensation is like a bubbling or tingling with a slight pressure both inward and outward resulting in a sense of expansion in the middle.

Archangel Gabriel graced me with a message recently directing me to write about automatic writing specifically. I have been directed over and over again by Spirit since June 2014 to teach “all that I know and have learned… just as I learned them,” and not just energy healing classes.

Archangel Gabriel came to me today and explained that I am able to have this communication with him in this manner with such efficiency and ease, because I have done the work to remove the mental barriers to trust.

He referred to my extensive work with automatic writing nine years ago. He said the automatic writing at that time was my practice to start to understand and know what it felt like to have no barriers in spirit communication.

But during that time, it took a lot of effort at first to create the empty canvas in my mind, so Spirit could write on it without my ego or any part of my human mind getting in the way with questions and doubt.


Back then, nine years ago, I listened to a lot of Doreen Virtue, and was a bit addicted to Hay House Radio and their archive. I worked from home as a consultant then, so most of the day I always had Hay House playing in the background. Doreen Virtue and/or a number of other radio hosts had mentioned automatic writing a few times and it intrigued me. So I tried it out for myself.

They instructed me to just let go of my mind, and write whatever comes up without thinking of what the full sentence may be. I tried this on my Twitter account, and started tweeting out Angelic messages daily, multiple times a day back in 2006. My number of Twitter followers jumped from 10 to 2000 (organically) within 6 weeks of automatic writing! This was because they were drawn to hear the channeled messages which were meant for them.

Here’s how I worked with automatically writing:

I would literally visualize a clean slate or canvas in my mind.

This visualization helped to keep my mind and my own personal thoughts at the edge of this slate or canvas and my mind respected this boundary I had set.

Then I waited.

I waited for any and all words to appear on this clean canvas while my fingers were ready at the keyboard to type away. Then as they appeared, I would write down each word or words without any judgment.

At times, I remember thinking (in the background), “Hmmm… what could this be?” But my thoughts did not go any further than curious observation so my ego was kept at bay. This allowed the spirit messages to continue to flow onto the empty canvas.

It would just be a few words at a time and as soon as I typed them, more would appear and the old words would be gone.

Now, when I say the words appeared and disappeared I don’t mean visually. The words were not written on the empty canvas and I did not see it with my mind’s eye, they were more like thoughts.

But the visualization of the empty canvas was important for me to TRAIN my mind and ego to stay to the side.


This was also good practice for me to trust and DISCERN between spirit communication and my own personal thoughts.

As I said before, the words that appeared to me were not in written form for my inner eye to see, but rather thoughts that appeared in my mind which did not originate from my human mind.

Who were they from, I did not know and did not ask then. I just assumed it was from my personal Angels, since I prayed to them daily at that time in my life. (But when you do this work, you can certainly ask and they may very well tell you!)

The craziest thing was that these thoughts from Spirit sounded and felt like my own thoughts.

You know when you are thinking in your head, it’s like your voice talking to yourself, right? It sounds like YOU. So it was very interesting and necessary for me to have both the Spirit communication come through while my own mind was making active observation notes (without ego) on the sidelines.

Most of the time it was curiosity and amazement; for example, I would be thinking okay, what is this going to be? or as the sentence/thought started to fully take form in the writing, I would say to myself wow, that’s good stuff!

So, I started to discern my own personal thoughts that were taking place simultaneously as the spirit communication was flowing through my mind.

In many cases, the spirit communication was not language or words that I might have used to say the same thing. That usually is a good indicator for me that it’s Spirit talking.


Discernment is very important on many different levels but with automatic writing, specifically, it is important because the Spirit communication WILL most likely sound like YOUR OWN VOICE.

This is where you need to accept this as so and start to practice discerning what is your voice and what is Spirit’s voice.

Then learn to trust what you hear as your voice to be that of Spirit. No judgments. No doubts.

And please do not think that you are crazy! This is where most people fall off the wagon. People who are new to psychic abilities have this notion that hearing Spirit in your head will sound different as if someone else is literally in your head. But this is not true for most people.

For most people, like myself, Spirit talking to me sounds just like my own voice in my head and feels like my own thoughts… as if it’s coming from me but it’s not, because I have set aside my human ego and personality.


Try out the steps below for yourself. These are the same steps I took nine years ago which helped me flex my psychic muscles so that I can have easy effortless communication with Spirit today.

1. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself in the present moment.

2. Say a prayer of intention or just ask Spirit to write through you . When I was tweeting, I used to say Dear Angels, what should I write today? Or What is it that these beautiful souls on Twitter need to hear now?

3. Visualize a clean empty canvas or slate in your mind. Or you can see something wiping the canvas clean if you cannot get to the empty canvas right away. Intend for the canvas to stay clear for Spirit communication to flow.

4. Then wait and be patient. Do not let your thoughts of impatience or doubt get in the way.

5. Whatever comes up for you, write it down on paper or keyboard (whatever you prefer) and just keep writing. It may not be full complete sentences in the beginning, or perhaps it will be for you.

6. Always observe and discern what is your personal thought and what is the communication from Spirit. Notice how Spirit communication can sound like your own voice. Practice discernment so you can easily TRUST the Spirit communication.

This trust and the practice of flexing these psychic muscles are the key to developing your ability to channel Spirit messages on the fly.

IMG_20150418_103616_494-2Renee Li is an Om Wisdom teacher, Master energy healer, bestselling author, channel and physical empath. As the Founder of Om Wisdom and Wellness, she facilitates the healing and awakening of divine Wisdom for spiritual Truth Seekers all around the world. Over the years, Renee has developed her relationships with her team of Spirit Guides and continues to work with them on a daily basis to direct her teaching focus. She enjoys teaching others how to (1) raise their vibration in order to access a steady flow of peace and joy, (2) connect with their Spirit Guides and (3) increase their light quotient. Find out more at Om Wisdom and Wellness.

Renee Li

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