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5 Things To Do Instead Of New Year’s Resolutions

new year's resolutions

How many times have you stared a year excited to achieve your resolutions but then it fades throughout the year, until one day you have completely forgotten about those plans and promises in the first place…?

This is common and happens to everybody, but I have a solution and in this article I will share it with you.

Here are my 5 best rituals for starting a New Year with fresh energy, that will help you stick to your resolutions.

Sit back, grab a notebook, some colourful pens, and enjoy the exercise.

Let’s get started!

1. Review Your Last Year’s Goal Settings

Start with a reality check: what is your progress in relation to the past? The reason why most NYR do not work is because often we are caught up in the whirlwind of life as it unravels, we don’t keep track of our progress, and we look it as routine.

Be honest. Unbury last year’s list, read it and evaluate your progress. Use a red pen and put an arrow mark next to each goal to indicate how successful you were during the year. An “up” arrow if you were successful, “down” if you were not, or to the side if it was somewhat of a progress but not fully achieved. Then give yourself a mark, (e.g. 75 % successful).

Now you have a greater understanding of where your position, and, instead of setting the bar way too high, next time your goals will be more realistic to achieve.

2. Make A Timeline Of Last Year’s Milestones

Make two columns. On the left side write all the months from January-December. On the right write down all the significant events that happened in your life during each month. It could be a major milestone, like moving to another country, or just a simple but memorable moment, like a lovely evening you had with a friend, sharing your thoughts about life while watching a beautiful sunset.

Making a timeline, will help you to remember all the important, beautiful or difficult times you went through and evaluate your life. This information is the food for your introspection and learning your lessons from it. Do you see some patterns repeating there? Do you see what is missing? Time goes by very fast, and when we reflect back to the past year, we often wonder… where did all the time go? With this timeline, in one glance you will be able to look back of how your life unravels in a specific year.

3. Release Paper-Boat-Wishes In The Ocean

I love this one. This ritual is inspired by a Brazilian celebration dedicated to an African-Brazilian Goddess of the Sea, Yemanya.

According to Doreen Virtue, Yemanya’s festival is celebrated every December 31 in Brazil, by casting white flowers and miniature boats upon the sea waters. Simply write down your wishes for the New Year on different sheets of paper, and then make paper boats out of them.

Release them in the ocean, lake, river or pond, depending on what is closer to you. If Yemanya grants your wish, her waves will swallow her miniature boat, and if she denies the wish, the boat will wash up into the shore.

Put your energy with your wishes literally out there in the world, and mostly have fun! What a wonderful way to welcome the New Year!

4. Burn A List Of What You Wish To Leave Behind

Make a list of all the inconvenient and unpleasant things that happened to you in the previous year. Disappointment, failures, mistakes, betrayals, arguments, mishaps, but most importantly, look into the dark and negative side of yourself, and write down all the flaws you want to get rid off and whatever holds you back from letting your brilliance shine!

Tear that paper from your journal and then burn it in a bonfire, at a fireplace or above a candle (be very cautious with the fire though so that you don’t get yourself burned).

Let the fire element purify your negativities and make a fresh start for the New Year by pledging that you let go all the negativities and whatever makes you suffer.

5. Do The 3 Most Important Questions Exercise

This exercise is dear to me because this is how I first got connected with Mindvalley when I stumbled upon this video of Vishen Lakhiani on the 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself. Little did I know back then, that in the future I would work for Mindvalley and now write a blog about the 3 MIQ’s :).

In the above video, Vishen Lakhiani explains how often we confuse our means-goals with the ends-goals, taking the means-goal as the end-goal while actually they are quite different. With the exercise of the 3 Most Important Questions you can redefine your life-goals by contemplating and making a list of:

1. What things you want to experience in life

2. How you want to grow as a person

3. How you want to contribute to the society

In this way, your life goals are put in perspective, as you finally see what your soul really wants, instead of what your clouded intellect by societal must-does dictating you what you should achieve in life in order to be successful and happy.

Happiness comes when we allow our soul to speak to us, and we align our life according to our soul’s purpose. Take some “me time” and have a true conversation with yourself. Listen, write, act!

Peace & Bliss,


Zetta mindvalley Zetta  is  a Customer Experience Specialist and Course Creation Liaison at Mindvalley. Before joining Mindvalley, Zetta studied Psychology in Greece in the past, and then she decided to immerse herself in Tibetan Buddhist contemplative tradition. She spent 8 years living in Nepal, acquiring a BA and an MA in Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language from Kathmandu University and travelling to India for attending HH 14th Dalai Lama and HH 17th Karmapa teachings and prayer festivals. Read more about Zetta at her blog


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