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3 Ways To Transform Your Emotional Baggage Into Personal Power

We often trudge through life not understanding how our unresolved emotions are taking our energy.

At the core of it, the emotions aren’t there to cause you pain, anxiety, worry, or any other negative feeling. They are the parts of you that are screaming for attention. Most importantly, these parts of you just need some love.

Once you can resolve them you’ll start to realize that the whole time they were gifts disguised as pain.

As a professional Energy Healer, I’ve found that every choice we make is an emotional one.

Whether we are in a state of confidence, fear, or even emotionally numb. We are making choices based on our state, and our emotions determine how successful we are at whatever we are doing.

Now here’s the thing… What if I told you that your negative emotions could be transformed into confidence, joy, and self-esteem?

This would completely change the way we perceive things.

We no longer have the time to ignore our emotional pain if we want to lead happier lives. It’s time to transform your emotional baggage into the blessings they were always meant to be.

So, here are a few amazing techniques that you can apply this very minute to transform your emotions:

1. Identify the emotion and change your state

Is it fear or jealousy? Anger? Sadness?

We often get invested in these emotional pathways not knowing how we got there in the first place.

One feeling leads to another, and another and before we know it we’re heart deep in the negative emotion.

The moment you identify the emotion is an opportunity to make a different choice.

Begin to do things that will change that state.

Try exercising, dancing, singing, or listen to your favorite song.

Essentially, you are redirecting the energy into something that will empower you.

2. Find your meditation

Meditation is essential in quieting the mind and the emotions. Just ten minutes a day can transform your life.

You may say, “Well I can’t quiet my mind whenever I meditate.”

That’s okay it takes time.   It’s something that has to be worked at.

Before you know it you’ll get better and better. And in some cases, standard mindfulness meditation may not be your thing. Try guided meditation, tai chi, or yoga.

I’ve known people who find their meditation working out or going for an evening walk alone.

The powerful thing about meditation is that it gives you the opportunity to cultivate your emotional intelligence by remaining centered and responsive to life.

3. Change your perception

The more limited your perception. The less you’ll be able to receive.

To illustrate this, here’s a personal story.

I was 20 years old. I was upset and going through a challenging time in my life.

I was venting to one of my spiritual teachers.

She stopped me, putting her hand up, palm facing me.

She asked me, “Do you have problems or do you have lessons?”

“Problems”, I said.

She said, “No. You have lessons. Everything in life is a lesson.”

From this new perspective, how would you put this into action?

For example, a partner may have broken up with you. And there’s a lot of heartbreak, and sadness.

But despite all of the pain you may have learned that you were stronger than you’d realized, had more patience than ever, or really honored your boundaries or beliefs.

We’re not focusing on the positive to avoid the negative emotions. We are connecting to the lessons that are inherent within every emotional interaction.

Remember, only you can control your emotions and those that are left unresolved will only take up space in your life. The time is now to take charge.

And the negative states that you acknowledge and transform will become the foundation for your overall happiness.


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Nicholas Pepe

Nicholas Pepe is an Energy Healer who specializes in helping women who are ruled by doubt, fear and "low confidence." He helps women to learn how to manage their emotions so that they can live with Courage, Confidence, and Freedom. With this work, people often feel a release of negative emotions, feel free, and begin to create loving and fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives, accelerating their personal evolution. Learn how to manage their emotions so that they can live with Courage, Confidence, and Freedom. Discover more at his website.

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