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3 Reasons Why Spirituality Should Be Your Own Experience

3 Reasons Why Spirituality Should Be Your Own Experience

This all started from a disconnection in listening inspirational quotes that did not speak true to me.

Silly as it was, it sparked a much greater yearning in me then to just understand why someone’s truth was not my own. From this simple disconnection came a desire for a greater connection, for a connection to the divine.

I meditate, I have worked the family side of 12-step programs, I thought I understood surrender. I thought I understood belief in something greater than myself, and to let go and let God.

I was wrong.

I had the words, I had the desire, and maybe the inkling, but I did not have the experience.

So, without really knowing I was doing it, I set out to find it. To find a connection with the source. To really understand resistance, and surrender. Things that I had read about, meditated on, and even thought I understood.

For years I was close, I was almost there, and thankfully I was at least on the path to find out. That is so important, to stay with whatever you are pursuing. Even when I didn’t really understand why I was pursuing it.

The answers came to me, the connection came to me, it was awe-inspiring and something that I don’t speak of very often. I find it very personal, I like it that way. I don’t want to share it, we all share it in our own way anyway, we are all connected.

It was from this need to keep it personal, that I started to think that was the point — that we should all have our own personal connection, our own lessons in this life that are just for us.

Here are my reasons that I have come to understand why it is so beneficial for us to seek for ourselves.

This came after learning from others, from following, and trying. Then finally I stopped thinking so much, and started seeking my own spiritual experience.

1. Seek me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13)

It was my sister who first said this to me, she is Christian and reads the Bible and knows its verses well. I do not. In fact, never did I think I would ever quote scripture of any kind, not even for accuracy in retelling a story. This all happened when we were talking about God (insert whatever you need to call source energy here).

I told my sister that I had found a profound connection to the divine. It was also this connection that made me stop resisting the thought of God. I did not have a great experience with religion growing up.

I still do not feel a connection, or need to go to church. I don’t connect to any particular faith. I am in no way knocking religion, or anyone’s faith, to the contrary, I now get what is going on.

I just choose to feel this in my own way, and because of this I feel free and I finally got what I was looking for.shutterstock_121842178

I had a willingness to know source and it was revealed to me. I am so grateful for this connection and my personal experience.

I have sought with my whole heart, and what I have been given in return has been far greater than anything I ever thought possible.

2. The rewards will be for your own life

If I kept listening to the words of others, the lessons they had learned, I would have missed out on my own lessons. I would have stayed stuck in pain and suffering and a failure mindset.

There have been great stories that I have read, and lessons I learned from the wisdom and experience of others. I am not trying to take away from that. It is even from the teachings of others that I learned to search for myself. That is how I became curious.

It was from other people’s success and happiness that I began to want to know what MY life was about. What is it that I am to learn, what is the purpose of all that I have gone through?

Some parts of my life have been very difficult, as I know it has been for others. I wanted to know what my suffering was all about, what was I to gain from it. I did not really understand that I was even wondering this until I started to ask the right questions to the divine, and in a connected way.

From these questions, and listening to my answers I was able to start to heal. More importantly I saw that I needed to clear negative thoughts to end the suffering, and I learned how to use source to do it. I could feel the unconditional love that was there for me all along.

Once I was ready to open up to it, to feel it, all the lessons became clear.

The changes, shifts and peace within myself started to emerge. Before I thought I was doing the work, but I didn’t know how to heal all of this pain in me. I needed some guidance. Listening to others try and teach me this for years hadn’t worked. I understood it, but I hadn’t felt it.

Finding my own connection was the key.

It was how I gained what I needed to heal, to change my life for the better. The lessons had been there from others, and I am grateful for their stories of inspiration.

However, the real learning came from my own practice, my own connection.shutterstock_190629158

3. You will gain insight into your purpose

A personal connection isn’t about doing it by yourself, it is about doing it for yourself. We are all on our own paths. We all have our own unique gifts and purpose. We can all succeed as much as we want to and on our own terms.

If you don’t know the answers to your unique gift, or your purpose, you have to look inside to find that answer. It does not come from outside of you, and source is the best place to find those answers.

If you are seeking, then you need to be the one asking the questions, and the one listening to the answers. The more connected with source the easier it is to believe the answers.

With practice it is easier to let go of fear and act on the answers. This higher intelligence is so much smarter than we are. With this connection I have found that source really does want to help. The faith and love, the shifts in emotional thought have to come from within. They have to come with practice. This practice is made easier though if there is power coming from something greater than ourselves.

It is nice to live life in harmony with the greatest source of energetic frequency. If you get off track, go back, ask, take action, and keep at it. This, to me, is the greatest benefit to having a personal relationship, a universal partnership with source. That even if the emotions start to run back to fear, or doubt, that there is something so much greater to rely on.

Knowing that when I don’t have the answer, or I feel I have lost strength, I know that I have faith. I know where to get the answer, and how to listen for it. That faith removes all fear, I can surrender to who I really am, and live my life as I really desire it.

I can’t say it any better than this “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought”. ~ Matsuo Basho

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sarahSarah Leavens is a yoga teacher and an energy coach.  Sarah’s work focuses on students and clients finding happiness, and being the best version of themselves.  As well as helping them to live a life of desire with her meditation program Create Your Life.  Sarah has a passion for coaching, teaching, having fun, and is always happiest on her mat. You can follow Sarah’s mediations at Whole Life Energy.

Sarah Leavens

Sarah Leavens is a yoga teacher and an energy coach. Sarah's work focuses on students and clients finding happiness, and being the best version of themselves. As well as helping them to live a life of desire with her meditation program Create Your Life. Sarah has a passion for coaching, teaching, having fun, and is always happiest on her mat.
You can follow Sarah's mediations at Whole Life Energy.

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