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3 Proven Methods In Cultivating Inner Peace

Achieving inner peace is a process that needs ceaseless and perpetual effort, gathering learnings along the way, to flourish in all facets of your life. Inner peace, like training any other muscle, is something that will gradually grow as you constantly work on it. To allow better flow of energies of happiness, calmness & serenity, try these 3 proven methods in cultivating inner peace:

1. Breathe

Deep breathing is a great way of cultivating inner peace, reversing anxiety, activating a calmer response and assuming a more relaxed physiology. Breathing is also a great way of grounding your energy and focusing your thoughts on the now and being present, slowly eliminating excessive worry. Follow this breathing technique to activate calming response:

Take a deep breath through your nose and fill your lungs with air. Hold you breath for a count of 5 and slowly exhale through you mouth. Repeat this breathing for 7 – 8 times.


2. Meditation

Spend 5 minutes in a day to soothe your mind and recharge your soul with energies of calm and happiness. Find a comfortable quiet spot, close your eyes and focus on drawing peace to your being, slowly transmuting anxiety, urgency & worry. You may use soothing chants, Solfeggio sounds and positive subliminals to enhance your meditative experience.

3. Journaling

Start journaling your thoughts, to track the source from which anxiety and worry begins. Put your raw, unfiltered emotions into your journal and give yourself time to reflect on the root of this anxiety. Take time to write 2 – 3 self-affirmative sentences to help you switch your mind worry and anxious to calm and peaceful.

With these 3 methods, you will experience changes physically and psychologically as you remove yourself from the state of anxiousness and allow the flow of calm and soothing energies into your being.

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Shangkharee Nadarajan

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