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10 Easy Ways To Grow Your Spirituality

Spiritual growth is the process of deepening your understanding of yourself and your place in the energetic system of the world.

As you begin to grow your spirituality you will become awakened and more conscious of the personal elements that are creating your perception and how it is affecting the world around you.

As you grow, you begin to connect intrinsically with the person you want to be and are able to live the kind of life you want to live!

There are many reasons to grow your spirituality, namely:

  • To establish a sense of purpose for yourself and meaning for your life;
  • Creating peace of mind;
  • Transcending to new ways of thinking and living;
  • Finding the strength to help others;
  • Gaining appreciation for the beauty;
  • Finding inspiration and motivation to keep growing;
  • Taking control of your life;
  • Learning about yourself.

Growing your spirituality is something you can start working on any time you find the need.

By putting time and energy into yourself, you will have so many positive influences and you can live a healthier, happier life, with more balance and perspective.

Here are 10 things you can do to grow your spirituality.

1. Release your reservations

Spiritual evolution can feel slightly intimidating. In order to grow your connection with your spirit, you must first understand that your spirit is separate from your physical body.

The sooner you accept that your spirit is it’s own entity and start to make room for it, the greater influence it will start to have on the person you are and the life you live.

One way to achieve this is by becoming more in control of your consciousness and learning to clear more space by filtering out the things you no longer need to pay mind to. If a thought or opinion is no longer serving your needs, stop giving it your attention.

2. Identify your desire

You should be able to articulate to yourself why your spirituality is important to you (don’t worry about trying to explain anything to anyone else).

By giving yourself reasons, you are creating purpose to your journey, and once it has an important purpose in your life, you will do what you need to do to prioritize what you need.

Sometimes people need more clarity around major life changes or decisions, others do it to balance out all the constant stresses of life or to increase their compassion and positivity.

There are infinite reasons! Give yourself a few inspirational pick-me-ups to keep in your back pocket whenever you need motivation.

3. Grow your knowledge

Just as you are doing right now, seeking out new information will get you started and heading in the right direction.

Much of your spiritual evolution will often come through the guidance of those whose knowledge you appreciate and respect.

Reading spiritual books and blogs can help you see things from new perspectives, and give you access to new proven techniques and methods.

It also helps immensely to follow mentors you respect and aspire to be more like. Inspiration can be sparked by a simple sentence that gives you instant clarity, and something as small as a new angle can broaden a part of your mind in a way you never would have thought of.

4. Get to know yourself

The most personal way to explore your inner self is through meditation.

Quieting all of the external thoughts and influences and looking inward allows you to fall in sync with the different energies flowing throughout your body and your soul.

Once in tune, you will have more access to your true feelings and desires which could be on the back burner behind the wants and needs of others.

It is important to shed all of your fear and self-doubt in order to be more conscious and aware of the light radiating from your inner spirit that will guide your heart through the lessons of life.

5. Self-love

Your spirituality is unique and special to you.

By learning to love yourself unconditionally and letting go of all your senseless insecurities, you are allowing your mind to focus more on healing and growing.

The infinite power of your spirit is awakened by your yourself

6. Care for yourself

Your body, your mind, and your spirit all need special treatment.

Make sure you are tending to all of your physical and mental needs so that as you put more effort into growing your spirituality, you have plenty of internal energy to put forth.

Cherish your body as your temple, make sure to water it, feed it properly, and keep it healthy for optimum spiritual growth.

7. Strengthen your willpower and self-discipline

Growing your spirituality will take time and dedication.

It is something that you have to work on throughout each day of your life. Staying loyal to enhancing your knowledge and practice is what will truly propel your spiritual growth.

Try to dedicate time every day so that the things you are constantly learning are always on your mind and making an impact on your consciousness and your perception.

8. Quiet time and mindfulness

It is during these times that you will experience the most spiritual growth.

When you are present and mindful of the moment you are in, it allows you to reflect.

All the lessons, efforts, and feelings connect together in times of reflection when you begin to associate them with your growth.

9. Connect with the energy of the Earth

Walking barefoot, stopping to smell the flowers, and feeling the wind on your skin will help your spirit grow and flourish.

There is so much energy in the world that you can channel into your own energetic flow. We are all created, sustained by, and then rejoined with the Earth.

Having a strong connection to it will greatly enhance your spirit.

10. Do good for others

Use the things you have learned to help others by putting good vibrations out into the world.

Nothing makes your spirit soar like helping someone else feel the same kind of happiness and freedom that you are creating in yourself.

Putting out good energy and positive vibrations creates a harmonious flow in the world around you and humbles your place among the other beautiful good

There are so many ways you can start growing your spirituality, these are only a few ideas that will hopefully lead you down new paths of transcendence.

Your spiritual growth is something you will pursue all your life and no matter how long you have been doing it or how many things you have tried, it will always pay off for you in a positive and fulfilling way.

As you continue to grow, your heart and soul become stronger and more able to share your light with the people around you, creating waves of positivity and hope into the world around you.

In a sense, this will completely change the world for the better, making it even more important for you to never stop growing!

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Alana Ciera

Alana Ciera

Alana Ciera is Madly in Life. She studied Positive Psychology and yoga in Denver Colorado, but recently has moved to Thailand and is working to progress her spiritual evolution and understanding of people and of the world. Her passion for writing is dedicated to helping others find inspiration, peace, and love for themselves.

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