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10 Things I’ve learned with Soulvana

I always considered myself a little different.

And I never seemed to be able to fit in with the crowd.

As a child I often wondered why people did the things they did. The usual things that everyone seemed to be striving for seemed dull and grey to me.

Was there nothing beyond the usual education, job, marriage and kids routine? Was there nothing more to life than that? Was there no magic? Were movies, books and my own imagination the only things close to anything my soul seemed to be craving for?

I felt defeated and started to believe that there was really nothing more to life. That this was the one true reality.

And there was absolutely nothing I could do about. I even believed it was time for me to just accept it and try to blend in.

Yet my soul did not stop dreaming. The hunger did not go away.

Years went by and I just couldn’t keep on staying where I was. I wanted to go far away. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to change my life. I wanted to become a better person.

So a few years ago I made the leap to study abroad. And from Lithuania, I moved to Malaysia.

Ever since, it’s felt like a dream. It’s as if I opened a window to the entire world, which allowed me to do the things I never thought I could do or was told I couldn’t do.

Then I joined Soulvana…

Joining Soulvana was one of those things. And it has brought me to a whole different place in my life.

I remember the first course was on self-esteem by Caroline Myss.

And shortly after listening to the course I found a new sense of power and determination to go do something I’ve always wanted to do, but never actually went for. I joined a Mixed Martials Arts class. That was the beginning of a series of amazing realizations, enlightened moments and so much more happiness entering my life.

I have grown tremendously in a very short time just by listening to the courses on Soulvana.

10 Things I’ve Learned with Soulvana

1. You’re responsible for your own happiness

The key to happiness is in my hands and that being myself is the best gift I could ever give to the world.

2. Seize the present moment

The importance of being in the present moment and being happy right now, even if I did not achieve my goals yet. There are so many things I still want and need to do, but I am happy already!

3. We’re spiritual beings

We’re spiritual beings in a physical body who is capable of amazing things!

4. Your thoughts are your reality

Thoughts are the main source of my suffering, however I don’t need to fight them and by no means do they define me. All I need to do is just to let them come and go.

5. The power of forgiveness

It can heal my soul and brighten up my life. Letting go of the past and all that pain I’ve been keeping inside my heart was a liberating experience.

I know now that I was only hurting myself by not forgiving those who hurt me in the past. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are no unforgivable acts.

6. We complete ourselves

I did not need anyone else to complete me. I cannot and should not depend on anyone else to fix me, to add something or to change something. All that I need is within.

7. Stop judging

To accept, be kind and stop judging not only others, but myself too. In fact, it should start with myself. I must love myself unconditionally and accept things about myself that I cannot change.

8. Gratitude

I need to be grateful for all that I’ve got. Especially for the small things, because these are the ones that get missed and forgotten the most.

9. The laws of the universe

That I am right where I need to be and that the universe has already answered my most silent prayers and wishes.

10. You can change the world

My beliefs are shaping my reality and by changing them I can change my reality, I can change the world!change the world

All of these things are universal truths. I can say it boldly with an unwavering confidence, because I’ve heard them in the words of many spiritual teachers and life coaches.

Not only that, my mind understands it. My heart feels it. My soul radiates it.

Not everyone is aware of this, but that does not change its essence. By being aware of these things and practicing them I can live my life with grace.

Most importantly, I have discovered my life’s purpose, my mission, my higher calling.

I put it into one poetic sentence and it sounds like this: “I wish to enlighten the world with the stars within us.”.

I had written and published it in a post on my blog months before I even realized it. I started seeing the world in a different light.

Everything has become so clear and it is as if I already knew a lot of these things deep inside my soul, but couldn’t quite grasp them until I heard someone else say them out loud.

I’ve got my confirmation. Now I am filled with joy and I’ve found that magic that I never thought existed!

I like to think of Soulvana as a part of my Jedi training!

Numerous times I have been inspired and touched by other Soulvana members and I have done the same by sharing my own insights and experiences. For the longest time I have felt like an alien on this planet, but now I know I am not alone.

The world is filled with brilliant minds and amazingly beautiful souls!

Soulvana is one of the places where such minds and souls get together.

To get the best experience I advise to come to Soulvana with an open heart and mind. It’s a place filled joy, it’s bright, it’s loving, it’s inspiring, it’s home.

Come join us and let us shine together!

Written by Gabriel Grike, Soulvana Member

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