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The Spiritual Lessons I Found In Ho’oponopono & Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale’s work has had a very profound impact on my life, because his approach to achieving goals is completely different to anybody else’s.

His books were one of the first I picked up when I started my journey into personal growth, and his teachings have been getting better and better over the years.

I started using some of the techniques from Ho’oponopono last year… and incredible things have happened since.

Joe’s creative resume is absolutely remarkable. He has written books, recorded albums, and when he speaks in public, the words seem to flow naturally. It’s amazing to see.

Watch the video above where Asha and I explain a bit more about Joe and what you can expect from the upcoming class.

Want To Learn More About Ho’oponopono?

You can sign up for Joe Vitale’s upcoming Masterclass on Soulvana, The Life-Changing Power Of Ho’oponopono where he’ll take you through specific techniques that you can apply to quickly see results.

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Vishen Lakhiani

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