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The Power Of Words In Your Spiritual Journey

The way we use words, whether to remind us of something, express ourselves or connect to others, can be supremely powerful.

The thing is, we often forget the way simple yet profound phrases and quotes can completely change the way we go about our day — and even how we view the world.

These are often lessons, either from ancient times or not-so-long-ago, that we already know… but have somehow forgotten.

In Dan Millman’s course, The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment, he discusses how there are lessons to be learned in the everyday, and that even simple words can bring about the most profound altering of perception.

When you’re open to new experiences and can see the beauty in the seemingly ordinary, taking even just a few minutes to absorb this can completely change your state.

One of the beautiful things about this course is that it is purely practical, including a bunch of practical exercises which, however challenging, will help you ascend to the next level in your spirituality. Millman teaches us about the 12 Gateways of Life: those pillars of our lives that we need to constantly give attention to and nurture on a daily basis.

And once we learn to honor these 12 fundamental areas of life, everything else seems to fall into place.


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Stephanie Murray

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