For years, I struggled with the energies around me.

I would sometimes have to leave the room when someone “dense” (the term I gave to people or energy that made me feel physically ill) came in. Other times, I would spend only a few minutes with someone and feel like the life was being sucked right out of me. I hated how that felt.

The only time I felt spiritual relief was when my maternal grandmother would visit and perform her “magic ritual,” as I called it. She held her hands up to my head and mumbled some words. In an instant, I felt new.

It felt like a huge load had been removed from my shoulders and I could breathe again. That’s how I came to call my grandmother a “Real Life Ghostbuster.”

As the years progressed and I slowly opened the spiritual door in my own life, I still looked upon dense energy and some people as things I needed to be protected from.

I bathed in salt to cleanse, waved sage or incense in the rooms of my house and surrounded myself with protector crystals. When all else failed, I called upon the ascended masters to help.

But as I evolved spiritually and started to step into my own divine power, I noticed that dense energy stopped bothering me.

The more I knew who I was at my core, the less I called for ascended masters to come rescue me. I stopped waving sage or performing other rituals.

This transformation occurred without my mind even noticing at first.

So what had changed? Why was I now unaffected by what had plagued me for years?

I believe the answer is simple: I stepped into my power.

This inner power came naturally to me, over the course of two years of intense spiritual development. But it was clearly something that the people around me didn’t always understand.

I remember talking to a friend one day about negative energy and darkness. She asked: “How do you cleanse a space of negative energy or dense souls?”

The answer came out without much thought: “I just walk into the room.”

My friend looked at me initially with curiosity. Like she had never even thought of that before. And then I felt her energy change and sensed her next thought: “Who do you think you are?” I smiled and let it go. She changed the subject.

As I was driving home after that interaction, my mind started to chat about the whole incident. “Yeah! Who do you think you are?” But the self-criticism was short lived.

A deeper voice emerged from the center of my chest. “You are All That Is. You are Source incarnated. And there is no opposite to Source.” I took a deep breath and felt that energetic truth deeply.

That was the beginning of my spiritual work with others: to help them find their own inner power.

I strongly believe that the best way for empaths (and everyone really) to live in energetic balance is to access the power of who they are.

We are all divine beings. We are all Source. Source does not need to wave around burning sage to protector herself, she doesn’t need to visualize an energetic “armor” enveloping her body.

There is no opposite to Source.

Source simply walks into a room and is completely unaffected energetically by what she encounters. She may sense a dense soul, she may feel her skin crawl a little as some darker energy passes by. But she can quite simply smile and say or think “Be gone now.”

Here are some specific tools for all the empaths out there who are plagued by energy vampires, density and/or negative energy:

1. Shed your fears.

The underlying energetic truth here is that the more fear you emanate, the more you call upon yourself dense/negative energy. Remember: like attracts like. Instead of looking upon darkness as “evil” or “bad”, try to focus on this mantra:

“Everything is created in love.” 

I remember when this happened to me. The more I understood that love is all there is, the less fear I felt. And as the fear in me diminished, so too did my interactions with darkness.

What society calls “evil” is simply energy vibrating at a lower frequency than you. And once you come to this realization, you notice how fear is hampering you. Fear is what darkness looks for; it’s the food that sustains shadow.

And it’s always your choice whether you want to continue feeding density or not.

2. See everything with love.

This is a continuation of point 1. When we stop being afraid, we notice love arising in its place.

And with the eyes of love, everything changes.

Suddenly, we see there is no war going on between light and dark, good and evil. Everything has its place and everything is created from love.

The eyes of love are compassionate. This means that you may notice the truth behind “evil” or darkness: it’s not comfortable.

It’s not pleasant being shadow. Now this doesn’t mean we are going to welcome shadows as our new buddies. It just means that if/when one comes to visit, we send them away with love, not anger.

I’ve come to use this statement when I encounter shadows:

“You are my brother/sister in God but I do not wish to be in your presence. Leave now.”

Darkness can be treated with love but authority. And when we emanate love toward a shadow or dense soul, we are essentially helping it evolve. Why? Because we are giving it an energy (love) that it is not accustomed to.

Darkness feeds on fear. By giving them love, we are helping to change their diet. And in the long run, that is how we help in the evolution of collective consciousness.

3. Step into your power.

You are Source incarnated. You hold the entire universe in your heart.

If you have trouble stepping into your divine shoes, try this simple exercise:

a) Close your eyes and visualize a small light that grows in your chest.

b) As the light becomes brighter and bigger, repeat this mantra: “I am all that is.”

c) Take a deep breath after you repeat these words. Let them sink in on a cellular level.

In the end, once we shed our fears, step into the shoes of who we are, and see everything with love, we notice that there’s nothing we need to be protected from.

Because in reality, there is no opposite to You.

Christina Lopes, PT, DPT, MPH. Christina is an energy healer, channel, spiritual teacher, and experienced clinician. She dedicates her life to helping people connect and unite with the all-knowing part of who they are: the Higher Self. To download a free copy of Christina’s “Mastering the Art of Breathing in 5 Essential Steps”, click here.