Written by Soulvana member Bola Abimbola.

In her book, Advanced Energy Anatomy, Caroline Myss explains that our thought and belief systems are characteristic of archetypes that we use to operate our lives on a daily basis. These archetypes are aspects of our psyche and she has narrowed them down to four; The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute and The Saboteur. These archetypes are neutral and present in our psyche from birth. We only become conscious of them as our experiences and threats to our survival trigger them. Each archetype is symbolic of a challenge we must face, a shadow, to understand our lives and our relationship with the divine that resides in all of us — a challenge to heal.

Many of us have experienced this divine relationship at one time or the other. A time when we felt an easy flow of divine inspirational flow through us and our acts seemed so effortless. At these times, we are maintaining a set of thoughts and beliefs which allow this co creative relationship to keep us grounded. We are aligned with the divine spirit. The degree to which we are not aligned with the divine is the degree to which we have dis-ease. When we give others the authority to impact or create our reality, we become less aligned with the divine, or harbour thoughts and beliefs which make us unnecessarily self-conscious; a fear of being misunderstood, being ridiculed, being isolated or not respected by others. We may feel helpless at these times, not remembering that we have a choice, a choice to always co-create our own reality by staying aligned to the divine.

I used to experience dis-ease with social anxiety and would feel varying degrees of disconnection from others at social events. Whilst the goal is not about making unforgettable personal impressions everywhere we go, we could simply want to feel completely at ease and free to express how we feel, what is comfortable to us at any point in time, whether in private or public with conscious respect for others. Social anxiety is a dis-ease we experience when we are not aligned with the divine. I have come to believe that any dis-ease we experience is based on our thoughts and belief which stem from our fears, rather than co-creating with the divine. We have not accepted the challenge of healing. We have included disquieting factors in the creation process or even bypassed the divine entirely in the process of living. Yet, the ultimate goal is to feel at ease, so when we repeatedly experience social anxiety, we could choose to step back and do some self-enquiry into our thoughts and belief systems within our archetypes.

When we understand that we are co-creators with the divine we create an empowering reality. Grounded in this relationship, we are centred and are our most creative self. And in our most creative space, we are able to express our thoughts, feelings and gifts to the best benefit of ourselves and our social setting or tribe. We are in sync.

Carolyn Myss’s four survival archetypes are powerful in that they provide a method to identify the thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. They let us know that the solution lies within our self. They allow us to track our natural and contrary- flow such that we do not stray too far away from our alignment with the divine. Self-awareness is key if we are going to reprogram self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, and the four archetypes are a path to this healing, if we accept the challenge.

On my own journey, when I realised that my Child Archetype felt disconnected and isolated in social settings, I was able to reassure my Child Archetype with the truth that she was loved, safe and appreciated at this present time. I was able to reprogram new beliefs with more positive affirmations. Knowing that we have a choice to move from misalignment into alignment is very powerful. The four archetypes provide a self-enquiry tool to assist us in this process.

The journey continues…..

Bola Abimbola MBA is a writer, counsellor and advocate for women, children and persons with disabilities. She is a social change policy development consultant and a mother of two teenage sons. Founder of ERADA United Kingdom,  Foundation Board Member ARISE Nigerian Woman, Foundation Board Member Beyond The Book Foundation Nigeria.

caroline myss, AEA
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