Do you consider yourself a creative person? Many of us think we’re not, since most of the times we associate creativity with few things like painting, creating music or poems. And this can even make us feel we’re not achieving in life…

Let’s be honest, we’re all creative in our own ways. Watch the video and make a list of the things that you do creatively in life.

These spiritual teachings come from Caroline Myss’ course — Advanced Energy Anatomy. Caroline reveals the 7 principles of co-creation, and guides you through the 7 greatest allies in this process (the chakra system).

In this course, you’ll discover:

1) The step-by-step evolution of energy to matter that is a manifestation of co-creation in our life.

2) The language and emotion of the 4 universal archetypes that play a crucial role in our life and conscious living.

3) How to reconnect with your angels and guardians, and how to hear and feel them — so you can co-create more freely and live more consciously.

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