In a latest Gallup poll, around two-thirds of U.S. workers feel disengaged from their work.

Which is why so many people are driven to look for a job that brings joy and fulfillment into their lives.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe we’re asking the wrong question.

Rather than asking, “how can I find work that brings joy?”

What if we ask ourselves, “how can I bring joy into my current work?”

In this enlightening 10-minute video, Eckhart Tolle shares a simple yet profound method to bring a sense of “alive-ness”, in any work you do.

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Eckhart Tolle’s #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now – which has been translated into 33 languages – and the highly acclaimed follow-up A New Earth, are both widely regarded as the most influential spiritual books of our time, selling 3 million and 5 million copies respectively in North America by 2009.

New York Times has dubbed Eckhart Tolle as “the most popular spiritual author in the United States”, and the Watkins Review also listed him as “the most spiritually influential person in the world”.