What little things keep you from living more peacefully?

For me, it’s how I’m always racing against the clock.

In this video, I talk about the trickery of self-sabotage, a concept that I’ve recently learned from Dan Millman’s course, The Peaceful Warrior’s Path to Everyday Enlightenment.

In my case, it’s about never having enough time and how it causes more roadblocks to experiencing peace in my everyday life.

“Is it possible that the choices you made, and actions you took, led to where you are? By acknowledging your role and responsibility in your current life, you find the power to make different choices… We end self-sabotage only by taking responsibility for the choices and actions that created it.” ~ Dan Millman, DailyOm.com

What little things or choices cause big hurdles for you to live a more peaceful life? Share your stories with me below.


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