Asha Gill shares a personal story about her car “Rosie”, illustrating the importance of accepting our 4 archetypes – both the good and ugly – before tackling the trickier stuff in our lives.

These spiritual teachings come from Caroline Myss’ course — Advanced Energy Anatomy. Caroline reveals the 7 principles of co-creation, and guides us through the 7 greatest allies in this process (the chakra system).

In this course, you’ll discover:

1) The step-by-step evolution of energy to matter that is a manifestation of co-creation in our life.

2) The language and emotion of the 4 universal archetypes that play a crucial role in our life and conscious living.

3) How to reconnect with your angels and guardians, and how to hear and feel them — so you can co-create more freely and live more consciously.

Soulvana Circle, Advance Evergy anatomy, caroline myss, asha gill

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