It’s a new year and we are about to jump headfirst into a widely eclectic course peppered with rich philosophy, insightful stories and worldly wisdom, The Advanced Manifestation Programme by Rick Jarow.

The concepts of abundance and manifestation are not new to all of us, but you’ll be delighted about where this month’s course takes us… into the world of tantric alchemy of abundance itself.

In The Advanced Manifestation Program, Rick Jarow introduces a powerful curriculum for heightening your awareness of synchronicities, opportunities, and serendipity—and shows you how all of these are far more than mere “luck.”

A Professor of Religious Studies at Vassar College, Rick has finally managed to achieve the ultimate synthesis between Eastern and Western traditions, distilling the wisdom of the ages into a simple, easy to use format.

Rick’s voice leads also you to this other place with such hauntingly soothing music, that even for the novice meditator, like myself,  I found so perfectly attuning.

What you’ll discover in this course: 

  1. The art and science of manifestation and how that ties into abundance, tantra, and virtue,
  2. The 4 basic principles of sadhana, the spiritual practice of getting into alignment, and
  3. The mandala of manifestation.

When you dive into The Advanced Manifestation Program,  you’ll find yourself automatically aligning your talents and desires with the hidden currents of the universe. And that’s when all the pieces will start to suddenly fall into place…


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