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Eckhart Tolle: Experiencing Everything As It Is

In this video, Asha Gill highlights the importance expanding your awareness and experiencing the world around you without creating labels, so you can feel lighter and more connected to presence. To learn more, join Soulvana Circle.

These spiritual teachings come from Eckhart Tolle’s course — Realizing The Power Of Now. Eckhart inspires you to sit in the stillness you may have experienced before, but to stretch that space for longer periods of time… and to see it for what it really is.soulvana circle - the power of now

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Hanna Flores

Hanna Flores

Coming from Social Sciences found herself in Marketing & Communications, Branding. She brings her passion for people and personal development to implement ideas that make a difference. Hanna is a big-picture thinker that loves learning other human perspectives and creating order from chaos. She shares tips and life lessons on how to build a better life on her blog:

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