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How To Develop A Peaceful Heart And A Warrior Spirit To Impact The World Around You

In our increasingly fast-paced and busy world, finding a sense of inner-peace can seem like a never-ending struggle.  

But author, speaker, and explorer of human potential, Dan Millman, suggests that achieving the inner peace we all desire may not be as complicated as we make it out to be. 

Having spent decades on his own intensive, spiritual quest, Dan has created a powerful framework that shifts our current paradigm on how we deal with the challenges we face, create meaningful change in our lives, and develop a deep sense of inner peace. 

He calls it, The Way of The Peaceful Warrior.”

Here are some highlights of his insightful (and at times, humorous) talk at TEDxBerkeley in 2013: 

1:25 — Talent: Is it innate or is it learned? And how do we develop the talent for living.

4:03 — A powerful paradigm on adversity and difficulty, and why there may be hidden gifts in the challenges we face.

4:33 — What ‘The Way of The Peaceful Warrior’ really means and how we can adopt it our own lives.

6:14 — External change vs Internal change: How a ‘little leverage’ can create meaningful impact in the world.

9:10 — An amusing take on the two fundamental approaches to change.

10:43 — Why controlling your thoughts is an impossible task (so instead, be at peace with your thoughts).

11:58 — An important question to ask yourself in response to our own fluctuating emotions.

12:46 — How to bridge the gap between what we know we have to do and what we actually do.

15:31 — 6 simple words to help you simplify your life when you feel overwhelmed.

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