Soulvana Circle’s first course faces the sensitive protagonist within all of us – our self-esteem – through the brutally honest and spot-on teaching of Caroline Myss in her program Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power.

In this 6-minute video, I share a few of my learnings from Caroline’s course that made me tick a few “Aha!” boxes in my head for all that time wasted or things denied because of some old redundant beliefs.

There’s so much going on when you just open your eyes and you’re really aware of yourself and the world around you. And it’s interesting how with just a bit more knowledge and understanding of some telltale patterns, everyday life gets a whole lot more enjoyable. Watch this video to see what a pimp, having short hair and a widow can teach you about your self-esteem and confidence. 😉

What kind of light bulb moments are triggering for you? Please share your experiences below, or send me a message on Facebook if you wish to keep it between us.

If you haven’t already, check out Caroline Myss’s course, Self Esteem: Your Fundamental Power, this month’s featured program at Soulvana Circle, and learn what it is to be so centered in who you are, so self-assured that you are a person who speaks and lives in your own truth, that you can be nothing other. Her full course can be accessed here.

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