In this month’s Soulvana Circle course, The Chakra System, author Anodea Judith talks of rainbows — their mythology of rainbows and their relevance to so many cultures through time, and also our “rainbow bridge.”

That struck a chord with me. I have realized that there are some universal magical elements that do happen outside of us in everyday life that serve as a catalyst for an experience that is a momentary blast of sheer wonder-ness and alive-ness.

Rainbows being one.

In this 5-minute video, I share some of my other experiences throughout this course — I am nothing short of blown away by what this course is helping me re-discover about myself.

I also share my story of using grounding exercises from The Chakra System  which allowed me (and my overly rambunctious child) to finally slow down and experience more inner peace.

What do rainbows do for you? What have you discovered along this path? Share your thoughts and stories with me below.

And make sure you check out Anodea’s magical teaching style in this month’s Soulvana Circle featured course below:

Anodea Judith CTA

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