One of the major takeaways I’ve experienced from Anodea Judith’s course, The Chakra Systemis that no matter what kind of practice you’re learning or adopting in your life, starting small and consistently is key.

In this 3-minute video, I share the three practices that has allowed me to heal deep emotions while protecting myself from harmful outside stresses:

1. Vibe Right

This is about taking care of my own inner discordant vibrations, and even cleansing the distant vibrations I pick up during the hustle and bustle of life, so that I don’t negatively affect those around me. Bringing in any unwanted vibrations from within or from outside does no good for anyone, for the family or for the space itself.

2. Get It Out

Literally, get it out. Spill your guts onto paper, in a song to yourself, in the mirror, or in silence. Whatever is needed, it’s better out than in. Whatever negativity is there, get it out so it’s not left stuck in you.

3. Spread The Love

If there is one guided meditation I will use as often as I can, it’s the 3rd Chakra Meditation from The Chakra System, and if you’ve gone through the course, you’ll understand why. Focusing on being in power with yourself and others is a grand way to counter your inner demons just by smiling from the inside out, spreading the love.

I’d love to hear your post-it moments on your daily practices. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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