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Be who you are, be normal (VIDEO)

In this video, Asha Gill goes off on an inspirational riff about what it truly means to “be you” and to never compare yourself to who society says you SHOULD be. Normal isn’t conventional; normal is you, and that’s perfect. To learn more, join Soulvana here.

These spiritual teachings come from Kenneth Wapnick‘s course — Living A Course In Miracles. Kenneth will explore the principles that make the seemingly random “miracles” of our lives something much more serendipitous and reoccurring.

In this course, you will discover:

  1.  Our two real teachers in life (and why you should stop judging the one that gets a bad rep!);
  2. The biggest threat to our fragile, delicate ego, so you can make happiness your natural state of wellbeing;
  3. Shatter the myth that “you’re on the wrong path” and be open to the liberating reality that will set you free.

Be normal means being you, your normal. Celebrate that, because when you do, you see a shift in perspective and the miracles that come with it. 🙂Screenshot 2016-04-12 11.59.25

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