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Anodea Judith: Reveal Your Confidence With Yoga For The Chakras

Stress can weigh you down. Literally.

When you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you tend to stoop a little. And when you’re carrying burdens in your heart, you tend to round your shoulders a little bit more.

Self-consciousness and low self-esteem shrinks us in size. All by fractions, but our body feels the tension – the tension of forcing ourselves smaller actually crumples us inside too.

So one of the best things to do for ourselves is to dive into the world of yoga to unify our mind, body, and spirit, which is what yoga is for.

In this 3-minute video, I share how to eliminate the “silent killer” in your life and reveal your confidence, simply by using Anodea Judith’s Poses for the Chakras.

I’m curious to know what pose affected you the most and why. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

And make sure you check out Anodea’s magical teaching style in this month’s Soulvana Circle featured course below:

Anodea Judith CTA

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Asha Gill

Asha Gill

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